9 Easy Ways to Beat the Monday Blues


They don’t call them the Monday blues for nothing. Here’s how to combat them, Wonder Woman-style.

I’ve always found the Monday blues to be an interesting phenomenon: Even when you lurv your career, they creep up on you like that takeout you risked eating sans expiry date. Seriously, why does coming back to work feel so icky? Like the mysterious popularity of JNCO Jeans (which still give me nightmares), we’ll probably never know the answer – but at least there are things we can do to turn our Monday blues into a lighter shade.

Below, 9 ways to face your Monday blues and make the day a little easier:

1. Get up earlier

It might sound counterproductive, but it’s a great way to ease into a new workweek. You’ve just spent the weekend maxing and relaxing, and the last thing you want to do is get shoved back into the real world before you’re ready. Give yourself time to linger in your PJs, taste your coffee – and if you’re anything like me, remember your name.

2. Build a morning playlist

Routine is everything, and one of mine is listening to a specific playlist as I’m getting ready for the day (Mozella is my jam). Some people make a playlist specifically for Mondays, but I listen to the same one every morning to make Mondays feel a little less… well, Monday-esque.

3. Visualize

One technique that’s been instrumental in me ditching my Monday blues is creating a Sunday-night ritual: First, I lay out what I’m going to wear the next day, plan my meals, and basically make any decisions that’ll irritate my tired noggin in the morning. Second, I look over Monday’s schedule and visualize myself accomplishing everything on the list – it helps to ease the anxiety I used to feel post-alarm. Now when my alarm goes off, I feel centered and prepared.

4. Do something different

It’s a fresh week, so why not shake things up a bit? Wear a fab new outfit, or do your hair and makeup differently. Take the pile of beauty and fashion tips you have bookmarked and try them out on Mondays.

5. Keep it light

Keep the work you need to do on Mondays as non-challenging as possible. Take the time for easier, more routine items and work your way up to the harder stuff. Basically, if you have something on your Monday to-dos that is compelling you to enjoy a nice, tall glass of bleach, move it to Tuesday. Trust me, you’ll rock it on Tuesday.

6. Give yourself something to look forward to

Plan something you’re going to do first thing Monday morning that’ll motivate you to get out of bed – like starting that new book that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand, or checking out what everyone’s up to on Twitter. Next, plan something to excite you right after work, like grabbing a drink with your BFF.

7. Prep for Monday on Friday

It’s tempting – and for some of us, irresistible – to put off certain tasks until Monday. One of the best ways to cure your Monday blues is to go over what you have left to do come Friday, take the tasks that are going to suck the life out of your Monday – and get them over with. Even if you end up working a little later, the trade-off is so worth it. You’ll immediately feel refreshed and ready to take on the weekend.

8. Unplug

It’s tough to unplug entirely, but if you check your email so often you may as well have stayed at the office, your time off isn’t going to help you de-stress (or de-scatter) at all. Set designated times to check your email throughout the day – shoot for a maximum of three times – and give yourself the mental vacay you so deserve.

9. Take it personally

You know those little things you need to do around the house – change lightbulbs, water plants – that are always an afterthought? Make a list of the 10-minute tasks weighing you down and choose one to tackle first thing Monday morning. It’s a great way to jumpstart the week: It hands you an immediate sense of accomplishment, which offers the same adrenaline rush as a cup of coffee.

How do you beat the Monday blues?

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