9 Father’s Day Gift Ideas that Aren’t Ties (We Promise)

Father and daughters

If you’re looking for unique Father’s Day gift ideas… well, you’re welcome.

Dads are always tricky to buy for, especially when they bust out the “I don’t need anything for Father’s Day” card we all know and love… well okay, not really. Wouldn’t it be nice if he’d just hand over the hints to prevent us from buying a gift that’s a total snore? Sigh. But then again, half the fun is the hunt for the perfect gift: Searching through oodles of Father’s Day gift ideas, hoping “the one” will literally walk up and introduce itself.

While every Dad is different, there are certain things we can agree on, am I right ladies? Here are 9 Father’s Day gift ideas to cover all your bases:

1. He’ll nap anywhere
The Hammock Bliss Sky Bed Bug Free hammock will give him a comfortable, secure place to get some shut-eye no matter where his adventures take him. Best of all, this hammock comes with mesh netting that’ll keep even the smallest bugs from getting in.

2. He loves grooving to his music
LSTN Fillmore Headphones will get dad moving to his tunes. These high quality, retro headphones are made with reclaimed wood and comfy earcups that make these super comfortable. You’ll feel great giving these because for every pair sold, LSTN donates money to the Starkey Hearing Foundation which disburses hearing aids in developing nations.

3. He’ll find any excuse to brag about the fam
Jazz up his office with an adorable family snapshot in a wall photo frame made from recycled aluminum cans by Peruvian artist Ivo Luksic.

4. He appreciates a new wallet more than you’d think
Yes, as far as Father’s Day gift ideas go, buying him a wallet is a standard go-to move. Just because the move is standard, doesn’t mean the wallet has to be. The SLIDE wallet is made using eco-friendly materials: The cork exterior holds his most frequently used cards and the denim interior holds the rest. The best part is its uber-innovative corner notch that allows him to slide out his lesser-used cards quickly and easily. Very James Bond.

5. His middle name is On-the-Go
Whether commuting to work or enjoying a weekend hike, make sure he stays hydrated: MiiR’s Vaccum Insulated Tumblers keep hot drinks hot for 12+ hours, and cold drinks cold for 24+. For every bottle purchased, one person in need is provided with water for a year.

6. He always needs a new pillow
Let’s face it: If we didn’t think to buy new ones, his side of the bed would still be adorned with circa-1986 pillows. Organic Textiles pillows are not only resilient (like, 5-year warranty resilient), they’re naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and provide manly support for his head, back and spine.

7. He’s all about the scenic route
With the Diamondback Century 2 bike, he’ll finally be able to break free of traffic jams and enjoy the great outdoors – while, you know, still being on time for work. It’s a racing bike built for work, play, and your wallet.

8. He digs the little things
Why buy just a Father’s Day card when you can buy one that will never go to waste? These adorable plantable garden seed cards are 100% handmade in the USA from the letterpress production to the 100% handmade paper.  They’re embedded with vegetable seeds that grow will grow almost anywhere. It’s recommended to start them indoors and you’ll start to see sprouts in 10-14 days (a perfect post-Father’s Day project if you ask me).

9. He makes dressing up as manly as possible
A lot can be said for his cufflink collection. These Railroad Date Nail Cufflinks are made from authentic date nails in use from 1897. The years from 1930 to 1969 are available for order.

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What unique Father’s Day gift ideas would you add to this list?

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