9 Owl Decor Ideas to Celebrate Owls

Owl decor ideas for your home.

The majestic owl seems to be an animal that resonates with many people. From live web cameras of owl nesting boxes and the phone apps featuring owl sounds to owls showing up on everything from t-shirts, owl decor and everything in between, owls have been having a moment. And they’ve been having a moment for decades.

I know from growing up in the 1970s, owls have been a part of my life for a very long time. From my first owl calculator at age six to an handmade ceramic owl necklace that my Grandma gave me, I have been influenced by and been a fan of owls. I, along with countless others, consider them to be a totem animal. They are a symbol of beauty, strength and wisdom. It is pretty safe to safe that I have some owl decor in my home.

If owls resonate with you as well and you want to creatively have them represented in your home, the sky is pretty much the limit. Choose from a veritable smorgasbord of owl decor goodies for sale or DIY your own owl decor. I’ve put together a lovely roundup of my favorite among the woodland creatures just for you.

9 Great Owl Decor Ideas for Your Home to Celebrate How Much you Love Owls

  1. Owl Wire Memory/Memo Board – I love things that are both practical and fun.
  2. DIY Cardboard Owl Decorations – Make these clever cardboard creations to use on the tree for the holidays or simply use them to make an everyday owl garland.
  3. Owl Shower Curtain Rings – Add a bit of owl adorableness to the bathroom with these cute shower curtain rings.
  4. Owl Front Door Wreath – Welcome your guests with an owl-inspired wreath.
  5. DIY Wall Art Owl Silhouette – Make your own crafty artwork with this project how-to repurposing an old window frame and glass.
  6. DIY Owl Throw – Use this pattern to crochet a pretty throw.
  7. Owl Dreamcatcher – Have sweet dreams at night with one of these feathery owl dreamcatchers.
  8. Owl Wallpaper –  Go all in with owl wallpaper for your walls. This pattern features owls and other woodland creatures too.
  9. DIY Owl String Art – Make owl string art based on skills you learned in summer camp.

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