9 Ways to Buy Clothes Online That Actually Fit

9 Ways to Buy Clothes Online That Actually Fit

Here’s how to make sure everything fits just right when you buy clothes online.

What’s more annoying than ordering something online, only to find out it doesn’t fit? Buying clothes online can be a tricky business—but it doesn’t have to be. All you need are some trusty, no-fail tricks up your sleeve for the ultimate online shopping experience.

Here are 9 simple ways to buy clothes online (and actually get to keep them):

1. Know your measurements

Sure, you may consider yourself a size 8, but every company’s size 8 is going to fit a little differently. Keep your exact measurements on hand as a quick reference guide—bust, shoulders, sleeve length, waist, hips, and leg inseam. (Here’s a handy guide to help you measure properly.)

2. Check return policies

Even if the clothes fit perfectly, you might find the color’s more blah in person or the fabric’s too flimsy for your liking. Worse yet, there might be a shipping error, like the time an online store sent me two left boots. Look into the return policy: Does the store even accept returns? If so, for how long? Do you have to pay for the shipping, or do they cover it? The more flexible an online store’s return policy, the better.

3. Read the fit notes

Most online stores have fit notes that tell you the height of the model and what size she’s wearing, which is a great way to decipher how the outfit might look on you. You’ll also want to check out the size chart to make sure you are, in fact, on the right track with your estimations.

4. Buy multiple sizes

Since you’re buying clothes from a site with a flexible return policy (cough, cough), buy more than one size of the items you love, but that have you stumped in the fit department.

5. Avoid items with an uber-specific fit

For example, tops that have seams that go directly under your boobs, or dresses that have a sweetheart neckline. Skirts can also tricky to purchase online if they’re super-fitted. Items like these are best to buy in-store, so you can make sure the girls have enough breathing room. That said, if you intend to buy clothes online from the same stores regularly, you’ll eventually know their sizing options off-by-heart and won’t have to worry.

6. Be picky with your fabric choices

If you’re wanting to buy fitted pieces, make sure the fabrics are thicker. Thinner fabrics tend to be more finicky, and are better for loose pieces that aren’t tailored.

7. Find pieces that are easily adjustable

For example, buy tanks that have adjustable straps over fixed, knit tops over woven, and strappy shoes over pumps. Not only will it up your odds of finding the perfect fit, but you’ll save a ton on tailoring costs.

8. Choose pieces that mirror your body shape

Do a little digging to find out the silhouettes that best suit your body type and stay on the lookout for these as you buy clothes online. You’ll substantially up the odds of the items fitting properly.

9. Stick to simple silhouettes

If you know an item’s going to need adjustments but you just can’t resist, choose simple silhouettes that are easy to tailor—otherwise, with what you’d spend on tailoring, you may as well go for a custom look.

What are your go-to moves when you buy clothes online?

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