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5 Reasons Why Privatizing Poultry Inspection is a Really Bad Idea

Why placing fewer inspectors in poultry plants isn’t likely to result in safer food. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is proposing what they’re calling a modernization of chicken and turkey inspection at slaughtering plants. In the world of government regulation, the term “modernization” […]

This Mother’s Day, Say It Without Sweat Shops

U.S. flower giants are beginning to respond to criticism over abusive labor practices. For conscious consumers, the hypocrisy is striking every Mother’s Day: those colorful blossoms given to brighten Mom’s day are most likely produced under a dark cloud of abuse that often harms female workers most. Before buying a bouquet, […]

Top Drawer Sachets for Scent and Shooing Moths

Sometimes my daughter Syd’s drawers smell a bit gamey, like her soccer uniform after a match of  living up to her title as “the finisher”. She’s a darling girl, don’t get me wrong. But she has a frightful habit of  tossing items into her drawers to avoid that exhausting chore […]

But of Course: Eco-Friendly Father's Day Gift Ideas

Here’s how to make Dad feel extra special on his big day – in a green way, of course! Fashion Windows turned me on to Church’s, the Northampton brand of classical English elegance. In business since 1873, the company still uses the age-old process of making everything by hand. Splurge […]

Your One-Stop-Shop for the Top 20 Eco-Fashion Sites

You read about, link to and send out tweets talking about a plethora of sites filled with either great content or stunning clothing, and it can be hard to keep track. I have my own problems keeping up, so maybe I’m doing this for my own good. Regardless, here’s a […]

Lay Lady Lay

Gone are the days when organic bedroom textiles meant white or cream solids from an allergy store. The stuff is in full bloom as we embark on spring design. It’s full of knit, felts, clean cottons, bamboo, hemp and other eco weaves. Pure plus chic? Finally, something I can truly […]

Habits and the Holidays

Here we are, in the holidays again! This time brings many celebrations. I acknowledge December as a month of gatherings, sharing warmth and connecting to the winter season. It is a time that crosses over from the social glow to the inner warmth of reflection – the deep stillness that […]

My Green Wedding, Part 2

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes but for many people it’s the biggest party they’ll ever host. The average wedding in the US costs about $20,000. Ours was nowhere near that expensive but it was still a large event and one that took a year in the planning. Little […]

Budget Green Geek: 20 Great Gadgets for $20 and Under

The hottest and cheapest green gizmos on the market share a waste-not, want-not mentality, letting us better time our showers, shake up solar flashlights, and even air dry plastic sandwich bags for reuse. Here are 20 that cost $20 and under…meaning they will lighten the planet’s load without making a […]

15 Vegan Gifts to Buy this Holiday Season

Your meat, dairy, and animal-product free buddy deserves a unique gift this holiday season. So, we’ve rounded up 15 vegan gifts that will please the animal-lover in your flock of friends. (Rest assured, we know what we’re talking about – a vegan wrote this piece, and another vegan edited it!) […]

Econica: Unabashedly Feminine Eco-Fashion

Natallia Antanovich wanted to dress in a way that expressed her modern, feminine style, while also being a testament to her environmental awareness and desire to live sustainably on this planet. After struggling to source a wardrobe that was both high-quality and 100 percent natural (and gorgeous, of course!), she […]

A Handy Reference Guide to the 20 Greenest Materials

True, we are still living in a material world, but cotton grown with pesticides is no longer the fabric of our lives. The green movement is making huge strides replacing toxins and waste in the marketplace with organic fibers like bamboo and hemp, as well as good old corn starch, […]

The Friday Five, Vol. 22

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories. Anything But Shorts, Please is a fun look at a summer trend we simply cannot embrace unless hiking, biking or post surf: shorts. Instead, we give you a nice round-up of some great skirts that will love you for who you are and […]

A Warm and Welcome Place to Shop

My grandest fantasy as a young girl included leading a life like Chris Evert or Gabriella Sabatini, which for an 8-year-old mostly meant wearing cute tennis skirts and being on TV. Although I have a great tennis game today (if I do say so myself), playing pro quickly lost its […]

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5 Affordable Wellness Retreats Around the World

If you think such luxurious retreats are reserved for the elite few, you’d be wrong. These wellness retreats are incredibly affordable considering what they offer. You’re sure to find one fit to your fitness, health and relaxation goals. The summer season brings with it an air of calm, as if […]

A Salute! With EcoSalon’s The Box: Made In America

EcoSalon’s Made In America Box features items that are made right here in the U.S.A! July is an all-around patriotic month here in the states, so join your fellow eco-friendly patriots with a box of products worth $494.85, for just $129 + free shipping!     You see it everywhere: The […]

5 Green Reasons We Love Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam is one of the biggest bands in the world. Eddie Vedder and crew have sold a whopping 32 million albums in the U.S. and 60 million albums worldwide to date. And while their music has been inspiring fans for 25 years, what’s less well known is the band’s green […]

5 Fun Rompers to Wear When You’re Feeling Sassy: Friday Finds

Rompers are a wardrobe staple. They’re perfect for when you want to wear something short and cute, but don’t want to worry about flashing any flesh to anyone if you want to take in a game of kickball. 1. Poetry Clothing Romper This adorable romper features a prominent floral pattern […]

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Summer Love is in the Air With EcoSalon’s The Box!

Is it just us, or is it hot in here? That’s right: It’s time for some hot summer love! EcoSalon’s The Box is here to get you sexy-fied for those warm, starry nights and seasonal flings. This box will tease all your senses, with more than $470 worth of delightful, shimmery treasures to […]

Let Your Inner Goddess Shine With EcoSalon’s The Box!

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to look and feel radiantly sexy for those hot summer nights. EcoSalon’s The Box is here to help! This fun, flirty box features more than $490 worth of refreshing, restorative treats to help you welcome summer with open, super moisturized arms. Let your inner […]