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Win One Give One – the TOMS Vegan Shoe Giveaway

Listen closely, because this might get confusing. When you buy a pair, you give a pair, and today at EcoSalon you just might win a pair. Got that? I’ll start again. We’re giving away a TOMS gift card worth $50 toward the purchase of a pair of TOMS shoes.* Leave […]

Getting Our Green On at EcoSalon

The hard working contributors, columnists and editors at EcoSalon are earning their green stripes, blazing the trails and taking their proven commitment to sustainable living beyond the daily blog. Our strides are so darn exciting, we simply can’t keep them to ourselves. Ready, set, kvel! Fashion Editor Amy DuFault has […]

Come to EcoSalon’s NYC Party and Help Kick Off Fashion Week!

Not just a fashion party, a sustainable fashion party. Join EcoSalon and the Textile Arts Center in Manhattan, on September 6th from 6:30-9:30, to kick off New York Fashion Week. Talk and shop with over a dozen designers over a Conway Family Winery chardonnay, The Naked Grape Harvest Red and […]

England Swings the Artisan Way

The last time I was lucky enough to be in London, I searched high and low for gifts and souvenirs that I couldn’t find in the United States; in our globalized world, it’s not as easy as it used to be to find unique artisan goods. For design, craft and […]

Let There Be Gel! Great Product for Your Eco Curls

Curls can be hard to maintain. For those of us without naturally curly hair, it seems that sustaining waves requires ingredients powerful enough to launch the Space Shuttle into orbit. In other words, really, really strong. I have locks that might as well have been permanently ironed at birth. Any […]

Book Review: Farm City, the Education of an Urban Farmer

Have you ever fantasized about starting your own farm? You need to read Farm City. In this strange and wonderful tale it’s clear that the author, Novella Carpenter, didn’t exactly set out to go quite as far as she did into animal husbandry. It just sort of happened, as if […]

The Box: To Give and To Get (Going Fast!)

Sensational deals, gorgeous green goods…for $99?! Our exclusive EcoSalon shopping must-have, the curated eco product assortment known as The Box, is here to kick off the new year! We’re offering you $500 worth of incredible eco-goodies for just $99 and these won’t last. That’s a guarantee. The Fashion edition is […]

Come to Our Meetup Tomorrow!

Join Sara and me and a handful of our writers for drinks and treats tomorrow, Tuesday, November 23 at Rye, located at 688 Geary, from 6 – 8pm. Something else you may want to know – we’ll be giving away a gift certificate for a luxurious facial from Avra Organic […]

Lustables: Babushka Glasses

Seriously, Babushka anything is cool with us. We love Babushka girls, especially when they’re hiding out in a trio of nested glasses from eco-retailer VivaTerra. With their folded-kerchiefs, rouged cheeks, pursed lips and baby doll eyes these Babushkas have a slightly Bratz-ish air, which saves them from looking like souvenirs […]

10 Ways To Feel Great About Yourself Today

Are you tired and worn out, feeling full of regret and worry? It’s exhausting and depressing to feel this way. Hey, it’s okay to love yourself. Actually, you’re supposed to! How else are you going to be the wisest, greenest, friendliest soul on the planet? It all begins with feeling […]

Published Before 15

Welcome to cub web publishing 101, the course for literary teens who go one further than Facebook to flex their writing muscles via blogs devoted to pop culture, fashion and eco activism. Green teen blogging is the new black. But just like the sport of crew, it takes time away […]

Eco Lent: An Inconvenient Diet

Now that my pancakes have been flipped (and, in one instance, removed from the ceiling), it’s time for me to take up Caitlin’s challenge and observe my very own Eco Lent. I’ve already decided what I’m giving up for 40 days. It wasn’t very difficult. First, a little about me […]

Guest Post: Lori Hernandez of Deal Hippie on Tree Free Paper

In this era of voice mail, email and messages limited to 140 characters telling friends and family how and what you’re doing, a genuine hand written message is a true gift. Of course, there’s no wrong way to tell someone you care. As long as you’re speaking from the heart, […]

Tips for Surviving Black Friday

Shop safely, America. But do shop. The Christmas shopping season is almost upon us, ready to claw open our clamped, unwilling mouths and cram them so full with cheer that we collectively choke on our own merriment and saliva. Many retailers have maximized their potential hours of profit by opening […]

The Manifesto Of Encouragement

People, right now, all over the world, are doing something to instill change. Right now: There are Tibetan Buddhist monks in a temple in the Himalayas endlessly reciting mantras for the cessation of your suffering and for the flourishing of your happiness. Someone you haven’t met yet is already dreaming […]

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For the Love of God and All That Is Holy: Go Away, Celebrity Websites

So. Being famous now equates with being a business owner, I see. At least, that’s the impression I get from all the artisan/high-principled/my-shit-smells-like-roses celebrity websites popping up. Remind me to trade in my MBA for some bleach and a boob job. Oh, for fuck’s sake, Reese Witherspoon. I thought you were cool. You were […]

Redness Rescue: Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Severe redness and pimples may be more than a serious case of acne. Maybe it’s rosacea. Natural remedies for rosacea are the best route to happier skin. What is Rosacea? Rosacea is a skin condition that causes skin to appear red, usually across cheeks, nose, and forehead. It can also […]

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The Planet-Killing Impact of Your Store Returns

We’ve all returned something. It seems harmless enough. A product that doesn’t fit certainly doesn’t do you any good sitting in your closet, not to mention the money lost on an item you’ll never wear. But many store returns don’t wind up back on the shelf and could be doing […]

10 DIY Tea Recipes for Cozy Winter Evenings

Tea recipes so you can make your own unique blends. If winter is good for one thing, it’s for curling up with a good book and a mug of tea. This is the season to embrace coziness. In Denmark, they have a word to describe this exact feeling: hygge. Creating […]