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Mother's Day Made Easy with Organica Deluxe

It’s about one month away and you’re already asking yourself: “What should I get Mom?” If you’re leaning towards organic luxury, best ask Organica Deluxe founders Wendy James and Jane Hunter. Their website testimonial reads: “Organica Deluxe is a place to buy eco-friendly and organic for ourselves and our friends. […]

heARTbeat: Jonathan Harris & Balloons for Bhutan

ColumnJonathan Harris measures happiness one balloon at a time. Jonathan Harris’ fingerprints are all over the web. And he leaves interesting marks. When I received an email from him last month about his recently completed project on happiness, I wasn’t disappointed.

Hollywood Opens Its Wallet for People and Planet

Meet celebrities recently in the news who use their giant paychecks for good. It’s Kim Kardashian’s world, we’re just living in it. Or so it would seem by the intense media onslaught covering the reality starlet’s $10 million wedding and subsequent divorce a mere 72 day later. A wedding her […]

heARTbeat: A Beaded VW Highlights Huíchol Culture at the Smithsonian

ColumnMeet the Vochol Volkswagen, part of a new exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian. As globalization continues to homogenize diversity among cultural experiences, one of the victims is the arts and crafts of indigenous culture. Did you know that the Japanese used to wrap five eggs with […]

Lustables: Artisan Father’s Day Gifts From MAKR Carry Goods

Don’t panic: your excuse for being late is, “artisan takes time, dad.” It’s a bit late for Father’s Day shopping now, but let’s just pretend that it isn’t. If you haven’t picked out that perfect something yet, meet MAKR’s wallets, eyewear sleeves and iPhone cases (if dad is hip like […]

Furniture Lab Experiment with Facelifts

It’s the kind of lab I wish they offered in school instead of chemistry. Meet Chroma Lab, a collaboration of two furniture doctors, Alicia Cornwell and Tony Bevilacqua, who merged their fine art skills and history backgrounds to transform “neglected but promising” decor. Salvaging the treasures in the attic beats […]

It’s a Vase! It’s a Centerpiece! Ways to Recycle Old Perfume Bottles

We may have mentioned that traditional perfumes are toxic. (Missed that? Why here it is!) Sometimes it seems like traditional fragrances can contain more hormone-disrupting cancer-causing chemicals than the bottom layer of the local dump. But organizations such as the Environmental Working Group have our backs, keeping us informed on […]

Green Home Detective: Identifying 10 Reusable Household Items

I remember my mother telling me that when my older siblings were little ones, she’d gift them their own toys or clothes for Christmas. “I’d just wrap them up as presents and they didn’t even know the difference,” she recalled. “They were delighted to open something new.” It may be […]

The Friday Five, Vol. 10

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories. It’s hard to compete with Chevrolet and those sexy new ads for the $32,780 Volt voiced by George Clooney, but Ford argues the game plan isn’t really about competition, but rather cooperation when it comes to its soon-to-be released Focus and other electric […]

Nectar Essences: Embrace of the Flowering Realm

Curling up each night to sleep, I’ve found a simple ritual that makes bedtime just a little more cozy and sweet. I mist the air with jasmine, neroli, lavender, and a blend of flower essences especially created to help me drift off in sensual, aromatic bliss. This scented mist is […]

DIY: Spray-Painted Wicker Baskets

Give wicker baskets a second life. If you have a pile of old wicker baskets about that you’re thinking of tossing out, give them a glam update with spray paint. Wicker is perfect for storage, gift giving and accenting your home. This three-step project is an easy way to clean wicker […]

The Perfect Minimalist

The monastic and ordered realm of the design perfectionist. Last week, the world learned of a certain breed of human known as the design perfectionist. They’re a type driven by symmetry, aesthetics, distinct lines and extreme minimalism. So extreme in fact, that many who eschew design most, consider common sense […]

Guest Post: Lori Hernandez of Deal Hippie on Tree Free Paper

In this era of voice mail, email and messages limited to 140 characters telling friends and family how and what you’re doing, a genuine hand written message is a true gift. Of course, there’s no wrong way to tell someone you care. As long as you’re speaking from the heart, […]

Sex and Intimacy: What’s Love Got To Do With It? Sexual Healing

Intimacy is a word that we bandy about, but we rarely grapple with its more challenging implications. Intimacy is also the issue that lady mags tend to frame as the key to healthy relationships, and however true this is, not all of us are currently in a relationship. (And many […]

Lustables: Babushka Glasses

Seriously, Babushka anything is cool with us. We love Babushka girls, especially when they’re hiding out in a trio of nested glasses from eco-retailer VivaTerra. With their folded-kerchiefs, rouged cheeks, pursed lips and baby doll eyes these Babushkas have a slightly Bratz-ish air, which saves them from looking like souvenirs […]

5 Sweetheart Styles for Valentine’s Day: Friday Finds

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and no matter what you decide to do, you’ll still probably want to dress a bit cuter than normal. We want to help you find that perfect oh, so cute outfit, so, here are 5 sweetheart styles you can sport on the day […]

Japanese Eco-Gifting: It's A Wrap

Japanese culture has no need for wrapping paper, so why should we? We have to applaud any way of preventing all that glossy paper and sticky tape being discarded – contributing to the extra 5 million tons of garbage hitting the municipal waste plants around the festive periods. Sure, wrapping […]

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Get Inspired with Easy Weekend Sewing Projects

Looking to show off your sewing skills, but don’t want to take on a huge time commitment? Sew up one of these easy weekend sewing projects. Want to use your sewing machine for something else besides collecting dust, but don’t have time to start a labor intensive project. Turn to […]

Shine On with EcoSalon’s Glam Renewal Box!

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your home, body, and soul radiant and colorful for those lighter, longer days. EcoSalon’s Glam Renewal Box is here to help! This bright bundle of goodies features $450 worth of gorgeous and refreshing treats to help you view the most radiant of seasons through rose-colored, eco-friendly glasses. Renew yourself and get your […]

Gluten-Free Fig Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies (Yep, Cookies for Breakfast!)

Have cookies (for breakfast!) with this delicious fig oatmeal breakfast cookies recipe. Weekday mornings are all about on-the-go rituals, including what you eat for breakfast. And when it comes to grabbing and going, what better solution than cookies? No, not the white sugar, white flour, and butter-laden varieties; I’m talking […]