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Doing It Herself: The Fab ‘Can Do’ Girls of DIY

Kick-butt home improvement, by women for women (or anyone with a glue gun). The arts and crafts movement has heralded a new era of DIY, an alterna-consumer culture for “roll your sleeves up” boys and girls with a penchant for putting the three Rs into messy (and oftentimes beautiful) practice. […]

Anchors Away

Seems everyone is getting in shipshape for spring with crisp navy blues and whites – guided by map-themed pillows and illuminated by the glow of romantic hurricane lighting. I’ve always been a sucker for a sailor dress. So ship and flag wallpaper and blue-and-white striped rugs really float my boat! […]

Style Clash: Country Comfort Meets Simple Scandinavian

What happens when one style meets another? Is it catastrophe waiting to happen or is there hope for harmony? That’s why we created Style Clash. Some design styles are more flexible; others force us to stretch outside our comfort zone. Each week we will offer tips for mixing competing styles […]

8 Local Foods Worth Traveling For

Basic dishes you might consider getting on a plane for.  Travel isn’t travel without eating. You can’t get to know a place without tasting the local specialties, and food is often one of the best mediums to explore a culture. Be it in a market, on the street, at a […]

Foodie Underground: When Food Equals Love

ColumnInternet dating for the food loving crowd. It was the usual, Friday afternoon internet surf: half an hour spent scouring blogs, trying to track down some new recipes. As I scrolled down the Eater page a banner ad on the right side caught my attention – impressive, given my usual […]

Foodie Underground: 5 Best Foodie Blogs

ColumnFive of our favorite foodie blogs involving everything from music to local produce. It happens to all of us: the kitchen routine. You’re tired and uninspired and what happens? Your meal, at best, becomes a bowl of sauteed greens. Not that there’s anything with a bit of chard and kale […]

Oh, Bag, You Are So Beautiful To Me

Well, hello there you gorgeous bag, you! I am so happy we have finally found each other. You have traveled a long distance to be with me. Although you did burn some fuel traveling from Finland to meet me, the fact that you are made from 100% natural and sustainable […]

Foodie Underground: Formulating the Foolproof Foodie Menu

ColumnStipple that fennel emulsion with cold-pressed chervil oil and serve. The signs are clear. You can name the five local artisan cheeses served at your neighborhood wine bar, and you have come to accept the fact that one of them comes from more than 100 miles away. At your dinner […]

Need an Eco House? We Deliver the Nuts and Bolts

Look into the future of custom housing: steel frames and insulated panels delivered to your lot for quick, on-site assembly. That’s what’s being done at Eco Steel, a firm of architectural visionaries that connects with other forward-thinking industry partners to deliver these dwellings to homeowners and businesses. Instead of fully […]

Making Homesteading Approachable

Urban homesteading is more doable than you think. At the risk of stirring up controversy for using The-Term-Formerly-Known-As –Urban Homesteading, I’d like to talk about the practice of achieving more self-sufficient, sustainable living in cities from a strictly aesthetic point of view. Who says keeping chickens has to be hard? […]

12 Ways to Fake a Bigger Room

“Does this mirror make my bedroom look fat?” asked the house to the looking glass. There are those of us who like our spaces small and cozy; also among us are greenies that feel confined and uncomfortable in the itty-bitty. For both camps, we’re inclined to point you in the […]

Oui! 5 French Country Decor Tips for Your Francophilia

French country decor is the best of both worlds–European-style elegance crossed with rustic country elements. The style comes out of the old country homes of the French countryside where the upper crust of Paris would (and still do) retreat during the hot summer months when city living is unbearable. The […]

5 Questions Series with Anna Gustafsson of La Maisson d’Anna G

Wherein we ask our favorite design bloggers, curators and forecasters what inspires them.   Anna Gustafsson grew up in Sweden, lived in Australia, then in Switzerland, and has since settled down in Paris where she writes about Scandinavian design and interior decorating. If the mention of Scandinavia hasn’t given it away […]

12 Fun DIY Projects for the Chic Green Geek

The fun of going green is that it’s a personal thing. You’re joining the worthiest of causes – securing the future health of the planet you call home – and doing it yourself. Eco-friendly DIY projects are satisfying, challenging and almost always money-saving, and frankly we can’t get enough of […]

Foodie Underground: Swedish Midsummer 101

ColumnA down and dirty guide to a night of pickled herring and aquavit. It’s summer solstice this week, which means it’s high time for Swedish midsommar, the best of holidays. Why? Because it’s a classic Swedish tradition that celebrates the longest day of the year, with food and drink at […]

Bohemian Rockers in Stockholm

My heart belongs in Stockholm along the streets of Södermalm. This lovely little place in the northern hemisphere is considerably more charming because the influence of the southern hemisphere is all over the walls. The Moroccan details lounging in this Scandinavian home are the perfect influence of crisp, clean, ethnic, […]

8 Local Foods Worth Traveling For

Basic dishes you might consider getting on a plane for.  Travel isn’t travel without eating. You can’t get to know a place without tasting the local specialties, and food is often one of the best mediums to explore a culture. Be it in a market, on the street, at a […]

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4 Super Easy DIY Ideas for How to Distress Wood

Learn simple techniques for how to distress wood. Like the look of distressed or weathered wood? Want to learn how to distress wood for your own DIY projects? Read on to learn some useful techniques and tricks to make it appear like it’s naturally weathered and rustically textured. Whether flipping […]

Moscow Mule Recipe Redux: The Mexican Mule with Tequila

The Moscow Mule is a popular cocktail with mixologists and drinkers.  Made with ginger beer, lime and vodka and served elegantly in a dazzling copper mug. But for something divine, change up your Moscow Mule recipe by replacing the vodka with tequila and muddle a slice of jalapeño at the bottom […]

The Nordic Diet: Eating Like a Viking is Good for All of Us

Is the Nordic Diet just the new “it” thing or is it actually a sustainable approach to food? If it’s not one diet, it’s another, because let’s face it: we want the magic trick that will keep is fit and slim. The truth is, there is no magic trick, the best […]

7 Essential Swedish Recipes for Christmas: Foodie Underground

Anyone with a love of Scandinavia will want to make these classic Swedish recipes. Why is it that we “need” certain foods at certain times of the year? I have been traveling for the last couple of months, and because of it have been far far away from my kitchen […]

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