6 Summer Wedding Dresses that are Absolutely Gorgeous and Eco-Friendly

janaya a wedding dress

Are you preparing yourself for the special day this coming summer?

To help you with planning, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite eco-friendly summer wedding dresses for sustainably minded brides with with differing styles and tastes. Organic fabrics, repurposed vintage materials and pre-owned dresses are all wonderful and sustainable choices for a stylish, romantic and eco conscious look.

Natural Dyes Master Class with Sasha Duerr: 5 Summer Flowers That Make Beautiful Natural Dyes


“Tug on one part of nature and you find the whole world connected.” John Burroughs

The Permacouture Institute’s natural dyes expert Sasha Duerr picks her top pigment-producing summer flowers, and inspires us to look to nature to soothe and elevate our mood as the summer season ends.

September signals a month of change. As summer winds down, warm nights turn chilly and children return to school. All this multi-tasking means we need to make time for reflection and contemplation more than ever.

Sasha Duerr, founder of the Permacouture Institute and author of the Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes, takes the opportunity to connect with the here and now by collecting summer’s last blooms to make natural dyes, a sensory experience she describes as helping “to see beyond what is actually there.” 

How to Dry Heirloom Tomatoes (And Savor Summer Just a Little Longer)

heirloom tomatoes

The elusive perfect tomato. Even among varieties of heirloom tomatoes, not every bite is as worthy as it could be. As worthy as we want it. After all, we call them love apples for a reason. Expectations are high.

To the lucky few who find those delicious rarities where acid and sweetness are in perfect balance, texture is juicy but firm, flavor is strong but just mild enough, preservation is key. And with heirloom tomatoes only around for that short blip of summer (it always goes too fast, doesn’t it?) saying farewell …

21 Apple Recipes To Celebrate Late Summer and Early Fall


Need a little inspiration as the seasons change? How about 21 delicious apple recipes to celebrate the season?

Depending on where you live, you may be able to pick apples as early as mid-July. But most of apple season kicks off in true spirit in September, and brings us into late fall, which means it’s time to get excited about apple picking and cooking up those versatile apple recipes. From cider to pies to salads, the apple can come in many forms, and if you’re in the kitchen, you’re only limited by …

Fresh Fig Mojitos Recipe: Sweet Summer Sippin’

mojitos recipe

This summer mojitos recipe combines the sweetness of figs with the classic flavors of the popular cocktail for a delicious excuse to sit back and enjoy the season, one slow sip at a time.

While figs are wonderful on their own, both fresh and dried, it’s always fun to diversify their uses. This recipe for a fresh fig mojito does just that – it takes a cocktail classic and introduces an even fresher, seasonally-apropos alternative.

Figs are a member of the mulberry family and grow on a Ficus …

21 Seasonal Plum Recipes for Late Summer

plum recipes

Hungry? Here are 21 plum recipes to put that farmers market bounty to good use. 

Late summer offers the chance for plums, and whether you foraged them off of the neighbor’s tree or picked up a pound at a farmers market, there’s no end to what you can do with them. Although they’re often a forgotten fruit, they are a versatile one, and work for savory dishes just as they do for sweet ones.

A good source of vitamins A, K, and C, plums are also packed with antioxidants. …

Homemade Canned Rhubarb Recipe (Capturing Summer in a Mason Jar)

canned rhubarb

Rhubarb is a special summertime treat. For those want to enjoy it year-round, though, you can capture the flavor of summer by canning rhubarb. You’ll thank yourself on that cold wintery day when you need a little extra summer warmth to get you through.

Yields about 6 pints (3 quarts)


4½ pounds rhubarb
1½ cups sugar


Wash the rhubarb and cut it into 2-inch lengths. Measure 12 cups of cut rhubarb and place them in a 12-quart, heavy-bottomed, stainless steel kettle. Add the sugar; stir lightly. Cover the kettle.

5 Sexy Summer Dresses: Eco Fashion for Hot Nights

Sexy Summer Eco Dress main

From edgy sheer black knits to sweet and feminine strapless silk, these sexy summer dresses by eco-friendly designers are perfect for sweltering nights on the town.

If you don’t have a dress in your closet that screams, ‘It’s ninety degrees, but I look and feel amazing,’ you need to go shopping. Stat. I’m not an advocate of thoughtless, voracious consumerism, and I definitely don’t recommend running out to your nearest fast fashion store full of dirt cheap, pesticide-laden garments made by slave labor. But a sexy summer dress is a wardrobe essential, and the right one will be a staple for warm-weather dates and events for years to come.