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Shady Lady: Summer Spots With Sun Protection

My Hawaii honeymoon was telling in terms of my husband’s shunning of the sun. Fair skinned and sensitized by a father who had been treated several times for melanoma, my better half sought out the biggest umbrellas and thatched huts available for taking shelter on the beach. I would have […]

Road Rage Triggers and How You can Avoid Deadly Driving

Even the most laid back drivers have experienced occasional road rage. It happens to the best of us. A recent study from the travel site Expedia has pinpointed some road rage inducing behaviors. The report was released in conjunction with Memorial Day, one of the biggest driving travel days of […]

Tanning Without the Toxins for Women’s Liberation?

A Houston salon is home to the next big eco beauty trend: fake tanning using beet-based dyes. According to a recent story in CultureMap, a Houston entertainment site, a “body hueing” salon called Throwing Copper has developed a spray-on solution from the deep red root. The so-called “green tanning” trend […]

Moss in Prisons Project: Inmates Help Scientists Study the Environment

Looking to help ecologists cultivate large quantities of ecologically important slow-growing mosses that are being illegally stripped from Pacific Northwest forests by horticulturalists, Dr. Nalini Nadkarni at Evergreen State College found a group of eager researchers with time on their hands: inmates at Cedar Creek Corrections Center ,a medium security […]

DIY: 10 Statement Earrings You Can Totally Make

Ten head-turning pairs of earrings you can easily make at home. A pair of great earrings can pull together a look like nothing else. We love how they can transform a simple outfit from borderline boring to head-turning in a pinch. Instead of spending tons of money on these baubles, […]

6 New Nautical Trend Finds: Maritime with a Modern Touch

This spring and summer expect to see the new nautical trend everywhere you look. While nautical might have you thinking about pirates or preppy staples like L.L Bean or Land’s End, this new nautical is much more effortless and chic. It features clean silhouettes and elegant styling. Forget the practical […]

Chilled Summer Soup Recipes for Sultry Evenings

This week summer came to the San Francisco Bay Area for the first time in a while, leaving fog-drenched residents blissed out but panting from the searing heat. Seems to be the perfect time to eat chilled soup for supper. When most of us think of cold soup, gazpacho, or […]

Recipe: Spring Asparagus & Leek Soup

Bridging seasons with soup. As the weather is getting warmer, my appetite is warming up to lighter soups. In the winter, I  tend to stick to the starchier vegetables like parsnip, sweet potatoes, and carrots. And in the summer, I’m all about the fresh, cool soups such as Gazpacho or […]

How to Find the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

When hunting for the best sunglasses to suit you – look no further than your face shape. You don’t just want any pair of shades. You want to find the best sunglasses ever – ones that seem like they were made just for you. Like finding the perfect little black […]

Eco Window Film Is a Glass Act for Conserving Energy

Window tints are optical grade polyester sheeting with colored dye and/or metal particles embedded into its surface. For years, homeowners have applied the film to their glass to add privacy and security to bare windows in a modern setting, and to keep expensive furnishings from fading. But as our energy […]

Surrendering to Simplicity with Kowtow’s Summer 2012

Haiku dress from the “Obsessive Minimalist” collection from Kotow, a fairtrade and organic premium line from New Zealand. New Zealand’s Kowtow label describes their clothing as building block pieces, designed to be the staple, the binder, the essential jigsaw piece to fit into an existing wardrobe. It’s a smart approach for […]

Sweet Corn Recipe with Miso Butter and Scallions

 This sweet corn recipe will impress your guests with sweetness and bright flavors. At the end of summer corn is at its best and sweetest. Sometimes pale yellow and sometimes bright canary yellow, the kernels are as sweet as candy and just divine with a little salt and butter alongside […]

How To Use Essential Oils To Create A Fresher, Healthier Home

Learn how to use essential oils to clean and invigorate your home without the use of harsh chemicals. You’ve probably heard of highly concentrated oils being used in aromatherapy to boost mood or to give natural beauty products a fresh scent. Learning how to use essential oils in the home […]

Llamas Aren’t For Drinking

Let’s say you have a terrific natural liquid fertilizer, courtesy of healthy llamas and alpacas. It’s free of additives, preservatives and pesticides, and it’s available in virtually inexhaustible quantities. Green? You bet – in the gardening sense, and also in the way you’re selling it in reprocessed plastic bottles. Your […]

Lustables: Loomstate’s Zostera Dress

Loomstate’s feminine summer styles offer comfort and grace in the face of summer heat. In the summer months, all we want is something light and gauzy to get us through. Loomstate always has the perfect summer dress to take on this task and this Zostera Dress from the New York […]

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3 Easy Grilled Appetizer Recipes for Your Next Cookout

Please a crowd with these 3 delicious easy grilled appetizer recipes. Firing up the grill is a spring and summer season prerogative. The best part about rolling out the grill is that it is never a singular affair – it’s a family, friends, and overall party-worthy occasion. But don’t just […]

This is the Weekend for DIY Beauty Recipes [Video]

Hey, ladies! The weekend is nearly here. Don’t have any plans? Awesome. We’ve got a beautiful suggestion. If you love making your own beauty products, you will enjoy this video. It’s filled with 5 DIY beauty recipes that are easy to concoct. Related on EcoSalon 7 Natural and Organic Skincare […]

5 Funky Fashion Pieces that Nod to the Purple One: Friday Finds

While Prince has passed to the next funky dimension, his music and fashion legacy continue. This week we’ve rounded up 5 funky fashion pieces you can wear whenever you want to channel some of Prince’s sexy, fashion greatness. 1. Funky late-‘70s jacket Prince has been a fashionable man since he […]

5 Versatile and Unique Wedding Dresses You Can Easily Wear Again

Picking out a wedding gown should be a total gas. And while the dress you wear on your wedding day should be special, it shouldn’t be so special that you can never wear it again–and we’re not talking about a second or third marriage, either. Luckily, there are plenty of unique […]

9 Vegan Handbags to Take Your Spring Look From Drab to Fab

Whether you live exclusively cruelty-free or don’t hold that as a priority, the beauty of these vegan handbags is in more than just the way they look – everyone, regardless of your lifestyle, can enjoy carrying one (or two or three) of these around town. With spring in full bloom […]

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The 6 Miracle Natural Skincare Ingredients Every Goddess Needs

These miracle skincare ingredients are not to be missed. They’re inexpensive, reverse fine lines, keep your skin tight and bright and so much more!  When it comes to skincare, you want hero active ingredients in your creams, serums, and moisturizers. They’re natural and you’ll see major results–especially for mature skin. #1 Hyaluronic […]

This Sustainable Lamp is Powered by a Salt Water Battery

Most of the 7,000 islands in the Philippines have little to no access to electricity; when engineer Aisa Mijeno discovered this, she decided to team up with her brother Raphael and create a solution–a sustainable lamp that ran on a renewable, easy-to-find resource, in this case, a salt water battery. […]

Creamy Vegan Tomato Soup Recipe with White Beans and Basil

This creamy vegan tomato soup recipe unlocks the incredible power of tomatoes and heightens their flavor and benefits with aromatic garlic, fragrant basil, protein-packed beans, and spicy red pepper. Replacing a meal with a plant-based soup is one of the best ways to stock up on nutrition without overloading the […]

9 Organic Beauty Shops Around the World You Have to Try

As with all shopping, you likely have your fave organic beauty shops. If you feel like branching outside the U.S., take a look at these online organic beauty shops with amazing products. Yes, we have some stellar natural beauty products right here at home. But if you are shopping from […]