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5 Beach Bags We Love: Friday Finds

We’re betting you’re going to be poolside a lot this weekend (and for the weeks to come), so we’ve rounded up 5 cute beach bags that can handle the elements. 1. Vintage Roomy Beach Bag We’re starting off this list with a beach bag that can handle it all. It’s […]

Striving For A (Mostly) Sugar Free Diet: Foodie Underground

ColumnReasons to consider striving for a sugar free diet. There has been an excess of apples from our local farmer lately, which means every Monday I find myself stuffing a kilo or two into my backpack. They’re small, crisp and full of flavor; what a real apple should taste like. […]

9 Fall Fashion Tips on How to Layer Clothes Like a Boss

How to layer clothes so you’re not left out in the cold this fall. (See what I did there?) Fall is the best worst season ever, isn’t it? It’s beautiful, it’s soothing, it’s bold – but when it comes to the weather, it really needs to make up its mind […]

A Generation Used To Convenience

The Boomer generation isn’t used to being inconvenienced after all these years. There’s a curious thing that you sometimes see in certain parts of America – signs at gas stations advertising their fuel as “100% GASOLINE! NO ETHANOL!” If you’re wondering exactly what kind of seal-clubbing, earth-befouling hillbillies these signs […]

Best Artisan Cheeses: 5 Professionals Weigh in on Their Favorites

A little professional help for your cheese plate.  No matter how you slice it, mainstream cheese is inefficient fare: Almost 10 pounds of milk are needed to make a typical 1-pound wheel. But you need not forsake your favorite Gouda. Just choose a brand that takes sustainability into account. We […]

10 DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

10 easy-to-make gift ideas that are way better than a tie.  Father’s Day is just around the corner. Luckily we have a few ideas to help you celebrate your dad this Sunday. There’s nothing like a handmade gift to show your pops that you care. Whether you’re a pro with tools […]

Cast Your Vote for America's Favorite Farmers' Market

Forget Britain’s Got Talent and American Idol. There’s a new contest happening that will dig up a lot more dirt but without the snark of Simon Cowell and Co. It’s the first annual America’s Favorite Farmers’ Market contest. Organized by the American Farmland Trust, this contest offers consumers a way to […]

In Savannah: A Little Green and Paula Deen

Turns out it isn’t easy being green in Savannah – the spooky Southern city known for its historic squares and trees dripping with Spanish moss. According to the Green Restaurant Association, a Boston-based nonprofit, there’s only one green-certified restaurant in Savannah and it’s a takeout joint – not surprising in […]

20 Fresh Beauty Tips

Fall is all about crisp air, changing colors, and possibly the cutest organic pencil leg jeans this side of “Am I thin enough to pull it off?” (The answer is “yes” and “you go, sexy green mama!”) But what about the rest of our green beauty regime? We spoke with […]

5 Signs Fast Food Chains Are Getting Desperate

They just can’t get healthier, cheaper and hipper fast enough. So the marketing geniuses behind the greasy fast food restaurants are burning the midnight oil in time for summer to chain-storm new ways to entice consumers who are getting wise to a lighter footprint. 1. Burger King’s new TV booty […]

3 Recipes to Try This Memorial Day Weekend

I’ve been eating eggs on almost everything and anything lately. I’ll cook up a pot of beans just to have around and find myself heating them up and eating them with a fried egg on top and whatever leftover greens I have for a quick, filling meal. Brown rice and lentils […]

Berlin Fashion Week 2013: 3 Eco Fashion Highlights

Berlin Fashion Week has a reputation for being one of the greenest around, with a strong, ongoing commitment to eco and sustainable fashion. In fact, it is often regarded as the major European platform for fairly produced fashions. Each Fashion Week, there are a number of dedicated eco fashion events […]

heARTbeat: 88,000 Photos = Two Years Worth of Sky

ColumnEven after all this time the sun never says to the earth, “You owe Me.” Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky. As summer gasps its last hot breaths, it may make one nostalgic for gazing up to the heavens on a warm night, […]

15 Pumpkin Recipes (That Aren’t Pumpkin Pie) To Try Right Now

Fifteen healthy and delicious pumpkin recipes, from toasted seeds to mini cakes. With pumpkin season in full swing, you’re probably wondering what to do with all the orange squash. Trust us, there’s plenty more to pumpkin recipes than variations on the same old pumpkin pie. While there are many great […]

The Rad Return of ’90s Fashion: On Trend

Our favorite trendsetters and celebs are definitely bringing back ’90s fashion in a totally stylin’ way. This month’s edition of On Trend highlights some of the most wearable trends of this contradictory and fashionably nonchalant decade. Take note and add your favorite pieces to your summer wardrobe!

Take It to the Mat

Placemats offer a great alternative to tablecloths because they only need to be wiped off (or perhaps hosed down on pasta night) and not constantly thrown into the wash. Eco designs made with bamboo, raffia or recycled materials make both a stylish and sustainable statement at your table. They also help […]

5 Alternative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This Mother’s Day, venture beyond flowers, chocolate and a card. Sure, the gesture is always welcome, but for a mother as special as yours, why not gift her something that will put an even bigger smile on her face? The following 5 alternative Mother’s Day gift ideas are just as […]

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5 Summer Hat and Sunglasses Combos for Sunny Days: Friday Finds

The summer sun is a wonderful thing, but it can only be truly enjoyed with the right protection. And thank goodness some of that protection is incredibly fashionable. We’ve rounded up 5 summer hat and sunglasses combinations that will keep the sun’s rays at bay. 1. Sun hat and oversized […]

Summer Fashion Trends for Every Occasion: From Barbecue to Beach

Below you’ll find some of the most wearable summer fashion trends that will carry you through the season with ease. From outdoor barbecues, to concerts, to days at the beach, there’s no shortage of fun activities to partake in this summer. And with all of the social rounds you’ll be […]

Breaking Gender Barriers: Ethical Menswear for Everyone

Androgynous, gender-fluid, gender-neutral, and gender bending are just a few of the ways the latest menswear fashion trends are being described. And whether it’s a way of life for you, or you’re simply experimenting with a new style, these designers have made it their mission to create something for everyone, […]

Who Knew Living on a Greener Earth was a Problem?

When you see rolling hills of lush, green grass and trees, you probably think to yourself, “right on!” Well, don’t celebrate just yet because apparently, a greener Earth is actually a bad thing. All this confusing research comes from a new study that was printed in the journal Nature Climate […]

Non-Touring is the New Way to Strobe (and You’ll Love It!)

Certain beauty trends don’t see a sad farewell when they go. Most natural beauty gals aren’t terribly heartbroken over the waning popularity of contouring, for one. Think it’s truly on the way out? A new beauty trend called “non-touring” has made the scene, so we’re thinking it may be safe […]

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Diplomatico Rum: Your New Favorite Liquor is Sustainable and Delicious

Looking for a happy hour choice that’s as sustainable as it is delicious? Diplomatico Rum may be the answer. This Venezuelan rum is made by one of the only liquor companies in the world to have earned the ISO 14001 certification, a prestigious recognition that helps provide practical tools for […]

The 6 Miracle Natural Skincare Ingredients Every Goddess Needs

These miracle skincare ingredients are not to be missed. They’re inexpensive, reverse fine lines, keep your skin tight and bright and so much more!  When it comes to skincare, you want hero active ingredients in your creams, serums, and moisturizers. They’re natural and you’ll see major results–especially for mature skin. #1 Hyaluronic […]

This Sustainable Lamp is Powered by a Salt Water Battery

Most of the 7,000 islands in the Philippines have little to no access to electricity; when engineer Aisa Mijeno discovered this, she decided to team up with her brother Raphael and create a solution–a sustainable lamp that ran on a renewable, easy-to-find resource, in this case, a salt water battery. […]