10 Food Preservation Ideas to Keep Eating Summer Produce All Year-Round


Freeze, dry and can: food preservation ideas to ensure you have the taste of summer all year long. 

As the warm days wane, it’s easy to start mourning the loss of summer food. While the thought of root vegetable dishes might feel cozy now, you know that there’s going to be a time of complete and utter food boredom when all you want is to stuff yourself with blackberries. Fortunately, we live in the modern era of freezers and ovens, and storing some of summer’s bounty is easier than you might think.

If you …

Triple Berry Crisp Recipe: For Gobs and Gobs of Summer Berry Goodness

berry crisp photo


Do you have a few pints of berries leftover from the farmer’s market? Maybe you went berry picking recently and you have more berries leftover than you could ever dream of using. No worries, this berry crisp recipe will use them right up.

Crisps or crumbles, which ever name you prefer, are an excellent way to put summer berries to work. They’re simple, colorful, and loaded with flavor. For those of us, myself included, who aren’t natural bakers, crisps are the ideal dessert.

Use whatever berries you have on hand. If you …

7 Top Facial Mist Picks to Maintain Your Summer Glow

Woman enjoying summer

Summer heat getting you down? It sounds like you’re in need of a refreshing facial mist. 

It’s so hot outside you feel like you’re melting… and your makeup literally has. What’s a girl to do? Maintain your summer glow by choosing a facial mist as your partner in crime: Not only will it instantly cool your face, it will help hydrate your skin and set your makeup for hours. Go from looking tired and “blah” to bright and dewy with just one spritz.

Here are our top facial mist picks so you …

The Top 6 Essential Summer Tank Tops

anthropologie tank

Keep it easy and breezy this August with one of our top 6 summer tank tops!

From classic, collared button-downs to  trendy tunics and sportswear spinoffs, there are plenty of eco chic tanks to choose from this summer. We’ve rounded 6 of our favorites, so take a look and choose your favorite while the warm weather lasts!

DIY Red Summer Sangria Recipe


This sangria recipe is my personal favorite and can be customized to your tastes.

Sangria is a Spanish staple that has earned international acclaim for its sweet taste and festive spirit. It is most certainly  a buzz-worthy feature at your next adult poolside party. All you need are a few bottles of wine, a bounty of chopped fruits (of your choice) and simple syrup. It all comes together overnight and the result is a refreshing beverage you’ll never bore of, all summer long.

The trick to a sangria recipe you actually …

EcoSalon’s Sexy-Not-Sexist Summer Playlist

EcoSalon's Sexy-Not-Sexist Summer Playlist

Just because you like to move your booty to the music doesn’t mean you have to support sexism in the process. Keep your summer vibes strong with this specially curated summer playlist.

With summer parties, adventures, and road trips in full swing, you may have already burned through a summer anthem or two. Not to worry — EcoSalon is here to put a fresh batch of beats in the hopper.

Now, this isn’t just any summer playlist. Inspired by the question “Can I

You’re Never Fully (Un)Dressed Without These Perfect Summer Hats For Warm Days: On Trend

panama hat

ColumnKeep your face protected from the rays in one of these stylish and sun-blocking summer hats.

Summer weekends in the park, on the beach and out with friends and family are wonderful ways to spend your time this season. But don’t let the rays rub you the wrong way, so make sure to protect your face from the UV rays and their subsequent consequences. Choose one of our 10 gorgeous hats for summer and rock it right this weekend!

1. Straw Weave Raffia Panama by Free People This …

9 of the Best Summer Handbags to Buy Right Now

woman summer

The best summer handbags for that active lifestyle of yours.

While no wardrobe is complete without a selection of summer handbags, there’s always “the one” – that one bag that is effortlessly versatile and looks good with any outfit (even the one you wear on laundry day). If you’ve yet to find your arm candy for the season or are looking for a change, we’ve scoured the web to find the best summer handbags for any adventure.

Here are our top 9 arm (and shoulder) candy picks:

1. Woven Daydream Tote
This …