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Knotty By Nature

Whether you tip toed through the end of 2010 holiday parties with a naughty or nice outlook is really something between you and the man with the untamed white beard. We are already gazing ahead to spring/summer 2011, particularly with numerous fashion week line-ups now at our slush-saturated heels. An […]

The 5 Best Immune Sysyem Boosters to Prevent Colds and the Flu

These 5 natural immune system boosters will keep you happy and healthy all fall season long. Summer may have you feeling invincible. Well, invincible to everything but the heat, that is. But once autumn makes its entrance, the immune system becomes more vulnerable and you may find yourself dealing with an […]

How to Barbecue Tofu (Plus a Delicious Tofu Marinade Recipe!)

Tofu is fuss-free and makes it easy for you to get in a vegan meat alternative for protein this summer. But not sure how to barbecue tofu? All you need are these 7 tips and you are minutes away from a juicy tofu “steak” with that yummy grill taste.  Whether you’ve […]

A Sale and Summer Giveaway

Summer is the season of the dress, and each year, I give myself permission to indulge in at least one new frock. Only this year, I can save instead of splurge. Coco’s Shoppe, one of my favorite online eco-boutiques, is having a summer sale and dress giveaway. Yes, you heard […]

Behind The Label: Nutella

Everything in moderation. Most articles about the recent class action lawsuit against Nutella start with fond recollections of the author’s first encounter with the addicting hazelnut spread. My own experience is similar; I think Nutella and instantly conjure up memories of childhood summers in Umbria, hiking trips, and continental breakfasts […]

The New Hunter Gatherers: Urban Foragers

My heart was nearly broken last summer when I noticed that a family member’s plum tree was so heavily laden with fruit that hundreds of beautiful plums were rotting on the ground. I decided to harvest the entire tree. Since one person can only make so much jam and I […]

Athletes for a Fit Planet

While the 20,000  runners expected at the L.A. Marathon have been vigilantly tracking their miles, Bruce Rayner has been tracking down eco-friendly portable toilets, corn-based biodegradable fast food containers and compost and recycling bins to reduce the event’s environmental footprint. Rayner, a marathoner and triathlete from Boston is the founder […]

NYFW: Striking the Balance with Costello Tagliapietra

Femininity meets power-play in Costello Tagliapietra’s Fall/Winter ’13 collection at New York Fashion Week. Stitched from the see-sawing juxtapositions of life, thoughtfully constructed dresses, like the ones that glided down the runway of the Costello Tagliapietra Fall/Winter 2013 show this week, have a story to tell. And if these dresses, […]

Amy’s Picks: Top 10 Spring Eco Fashion Pieces

Chasing every trend that comes along is hardly an eco pursuit, which is why we prefer the idea of scooping up reinvented and reinterpreted classics that will freshen your look while keeping you in the green. These pieces will stand the test of time and provide a little eco retail […]

Sugar and Gluten-Free Apple Crisp Recipe

If you are looking to clean up your holiday diet act, start with the following sugar and gluten-free apple crisp recipe, which will satisfy your taste buds and offer you the crave-worthy texture you seek without compromising your figure. Homemade apple crisp is a lot like apple pie, only it […]

Food History: Marshmallows, from Peeps to DIY Vegan Recipes

Where do our favorite dishes come from? In our ongoing series ‘Food History’ we take a look at classic dishes and their roots.  Puffy, sweet and light, marshmallows are good all year round, from being used in hot chocolate to making s’mores over a summer camp fire. But it wasn’t […]

Best Luxury Consignment Sites Online: Budget Fabulousness

Image: Vaunte  Fall’s here and search for the perfect party dress (and work ensembles) begins. Online luxury consignment websites are easier to use than ever and mean clothes that are budget-friendly, lower-impact, and best of all, help you avoid the trudge through the mall. There’s no denying it, we’ve transitioned from […]

Green Your City Breaks

When you think of eco-travel, visiting the world’s biggest cities is not usually what springs to mind. You might think of volunteering on an organic farm, camping in a yurt or tipi in the Welsh valleys, or staying in an eco-lodge in Australia’s Daintree rainforest. But a weekend trip to […]

Foodie Underground: 101 Summer Bucket List Items for Foodies

ColumnThe official Foodie Underground summer bucket list guide to your favorite season. So you checked off last year’s list of food-related summer bucket list? Good. Now here are 100 more things (plus an extra one, because 101 is just more fun) to keep you busy all summer long. 1. Learn […]

10 Absolutely Delicious Avocado Recipes to Try

avocado ice cream

There are very few people that I’ve ever met that don’t like avocados. They’re delectably cream, not to sweet, incredibly flavorful and completely satisfying – what’s not to love? Not only are avocados delicious, they are also full of Vitamins A, E and K, and are considered one of the most nutrient dense foods packed full of essential minerals, B Vitamins and dietary fiber. So try them in our top 10 avocado recipes and fall in love with them all over again!

Sweet, Savory, Spreadable: Fall’s First Fruit 3 Ways

As summer slowly morphs into fall the scent of apples permeates the market stalls. So many varieties – from Pink Ladies, to McIntosh, to our beloved Gravensteins. Today I’m getting ready to make the season’s first apple pie (from the apples you see pictured above, in fact), but why stop […]

Vegan This: Sugar Plum Scones to Better Your Complexion

  Visions of sugar plum fairies waif through the air with these simple, seasonal and nutritional treats. Scones, experience says, can be either bland as a dog biscuit or so chock full of sugar and butter that they consume a whole day’s food fulfillment. With this fresh take on the […]

EcoEtsy Favorites

It’s no easy task to choose my EcoEtsy favorites. Like a judge at an eco decor show, I evaluate the skilled craftsmanship, original look and timeless style of an abundance of artisan goods to come up with my top picks. This week, hand-embroidered linen, screen-printed cotton and recycled wood made […]

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5 Natural Hair Masks to Fix Any Hair Dilemma

You know how a facial mask infuses skin with supple moisture and healthy glow, like instantly? Well, natural hair masks can do the same for your mane. Let’s talk about which have the healthiest ingredients and work like a charm for banishing bad hair days. Whether your hair is dry, […]

11 Decorative DIY Crafts Using Natural Materials

This summer bring a bit of the outdoors inside with one – or eleven – of our natural DIY crafts. Have you been searching for some fresh DIY crafts to fill your summer weekends with? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered with some of the prettiest home […]

5 Hot Summer Shorts and Halter Tops: Friday Finds

The thought of wearing pants sounds torturous now that summer has arrived. Heck, even a t-shirt seems like too much. To help you keep your stems and… vines? I think that’s an acceptable term for arms… free this summer, we’ve rounded up 5 summer shorts and halter top combinations. 1. […]

7 Beach Essentials to Keep You Looking Good Under the Sun

Ever wonder how some women look daisy fresh under the sun, while you seem to wilt? These simple summer beach essentials will keep you looking hot while playing in the surf and sand. You put effort into getting ready for the beach. The key to getting your look to last […]

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Diplomatico Rum: Your New Favorite Liquor is Sustainable and Delicious

Looking for a happy hour choice that’s as sustainable as it is delicious? Diplomatico Rum may be the answer. This Venezuelan rum is made by one of the only liquor companies in the world to have earned the ISO 14001 certification, a prestigious recognition that helps provide practical tools for […]

This Sustainable Lamp is Powered by a Salt Water Battery

Most of the 7,000 islands in the Philippines have little to no access to electricity; when engineer Aisa Mijeno discovered this, she decided to team up with her brother Raphael and create a solution–a sustainable lamp that ran on a renewable, easy-to-find resource, in this case, a salt water battery. […]