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Recipe: Zucchini and Goat Cheese Sliders

Create a new summer food staple to add to the family recipe archives. Zucchini is a summer staple in my kitchen. It’s light and versatile. I like to pair it with Italian flavors, such as goat cheese, tomatoes, and basil, and create unique variations of antipasti. This recipe bakes zucchini […]

Summer Trend: Romper Ready

The epitome of easy dressing – rompers rule this summer in both basic colors and stand-out prints. You may be having deja vu from your childhood days spent rolling around in rompers, but these adult versions offer playful sophistication. Slightly slouchy with a drop waist, Ruby Rocks provides a one […]

In the Land of the Lost

From Perfectly Good, a link on FoundClothing’s site I wrote an article years ago for the daily paper on lost and found boxes in local venues and just how strange the things people would leave behind were: shoes and jackets during winter, beach towels and bathing suits in the summer […]

Healthy Sunscreen Ingredients: What You Want in an SPF

Chemical sunscreens, vitamin A, parabens, phthalates, petro-chems. At this point, it’s safe to say you know what you don’t want in a sunscreen. But have you thought about what you do want in a natural sunscreen? It is not just about avoiding this nasty chemical or that risky ingredient. Think […]

7 (Almost) Famous A-Frames We Absolutely Adore

Occasionally short on space, A frames are forever rooted in boundless ingenuity. Anyone who’s seen The Sweet Hereafter is likely to remember two things. Firstly, how heart-achingly depressed they felt afterwards. Secondly, that amazing A-frame house Wanda and Hartley Otto lived in. If not for all the snow and tragedy you, […]

Spaced Out Green Worries for Future-Trippers

The space-obsessed were treated to a Foursquare check-in from the wild black yonder last week from NASA astronaut and International Space Station Commander Doug Wheelock. For his efforts, he was told: “You are now 220 miles above Earth traveling at 17,500 mph and unlocked the NASA Explorer Badge! Show this […]

How to Wash Lingerie So It Lasts Almost Forever

Here’s how to wash lingerie so that it lasts. There’s nothing worse than going to put on your favorite sexy piece of lingerie only to find that it’s beginning to fray at the edges, and there’s a hole in a very unfortunate, unsexy place. Luckily there are a few ways […]

Mellow Yellow

Who needs another black bag when designers have given you so many playful colors to choose from? Perfect for spring and summer, this tote from Ananas is made of abaca and lambskin. What on earth is abaca, you might ask? It is a natural fiber (and renewable resource) from the […]

Vegan This: Gluten-Free Raspberry-Filled Butter Cookies

Fresh from the farm and the oven, these cookies make for a perfect picnic tea time. Mmm. It’s a sound that echoes across rows of raspberries, as red-stained pickers, like me, hover over plants plucking by the pint. A few days later, “mmm” resonates around my kitchen while whisking up […]

The 7 Best TV Shows to Binge Watch

It’s a golden age of television, and these are the 7 of the best TV shows to prove it. I love TV. I also enjoy NPR, macrobiotic teas, and Instragramming the ingredients on natural beauty products. By all accounts, shouldn’t my TV stand now be a planter for my indoor […]

17 Living Roofs: the High Tech Green Future of Architecture

We’ve always thought we had roofs covered. They had to be barren, hostile places the rain and the wildlife slid from before they could do any damage. Nature had no place on our roofs. Except…we couldn’t have been more wrong. A green roof may required a little extra engineering behind […]

5 Sustainable Spring Denim Favorites

Five sustainable denim favorites for spring and summer. A good pair of jeans will last you the rest of your life (or until you wear them to shreds). It’s important to pick a good pair, made from organic or recycled denim. Cotton production pollutes soil and waterways, damages wildlife habitats […]

EcoSalon’s Sexy-Not-Sexist Summer Playlist

Just because you like to move your booty to the music doesn’t mean you have to support sexism in the process. Keep your summer vibes strong with this specially curated summer playlist. With summer parties, adventures, and road trips in full swing, you may have already burned through a summer anthem or […]

5 Good Reasons for Being Bored

Has anyone ever made fun of you for being bored? Do friends or family members chide you for having a chill weekend where you don’t do much besides enjoy a few drinks on your porch while reading a new, totally trashy but enthralling novel? I’m a pretty easy target for […]

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Your New Quick and Easy Morning Beauty Routine

So, you aren’t exactly a morning person. How about a quick and easy morning beauty routine that suits everyone? Yes, it can be done.  Now that fall has arrived and that summer vibe is officially history, mornings take on a new feel too. You are still rushing to get out […]

Get the Smokey Lip Look this Autumn

There’s a new smokey makeup look on trend, but it has nothing to do with eyes. The latest face feature people are “smoking up” is their lips. The look isn’t as out there as one would think. That’s probably because the brand that just came out with the Smokey Lip […]

5 Beauty Products Moon Lovers Won’t Wane On

If you’re a moon-worshiping goddess, you’re most likely on the lookout for beauty essentials that reflect your luminous inner beauty. Well, we’ve rounded up five amazing beauty products that all moon lovers will adore. 1. Urban Decay Moondust Eye Shadow Sure, you may not be able to go to the […]

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Cool Down with EcoSalon’s Beat the Heat Box!

  Oh baby, it’s H-O-T outside! Remember back in the thick of winter when you couldn’t wait for this summer heat? And now that it’s here–as glorious as it is–we could all use a little respite from the nonstop sweating, the thick, humid air, and that unrelenting sun! We’ve got […]

Have a Happy Home: the Psychology of Interior Design

Living a better and more efficient life begins at home, which is why the psychology of interior design is so vitally important to creating a happy home. Whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, residential interior design is a multifaceted field that often involves various stages of renovating, remodeling, and […]