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Eco Style West Vol.10

Sustainable style news from EcoSalon’s West Coast fashion correspondent. You’re Beautiful – Don’t miss the Beauty Culture exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles which opens on May 21. Over 600 images by the world’s most renowned fashion photographers, including Herb Ritts, David LaChapelle and  Ellen Von Unwerth, […]

DIY: 10 Statement Earrings You Can Totally Make

Ten head-turning pairs of earrings you can easily make at home. A pair of great earrings can pull together a look like nothing else. We love how they can transform a simple outfit from borderline boring to head-turning in a pinch. Instead of spending tons of money on these baubles, […]

Lustables: Getting Dahled Up

Alison Kelly’s Dahl dresses can’t help but make you feel pretty. Dahl’s 50s-inspired tank dress (cut from their very first custom printed silk), will have you spring or summer party ready. We also advise you carelessly spin a few times to fluff out the full skirt and feel even more […]

Now & Then: The Fashion Eccentrics

Fashion eccentrics like the late Anna Piaggi flouted the rules of conventional fashion. “Good taste is the worst vice ever invented,” Dame Edith Sitwell famously declared. We can only wonder what the unconventional poet would’ve made of today’s fashion magazines, and their endless style guides proffering hints, tips, dos, dont’s […]

How Green Was My Valley

My parents moved from Nebraska to Hollywood in the fifties, having heard the land game was booming in the San Fernando Valley. My developer father built us a home on a cul-de-sac in the suburb of Woodland Hills. The valley was still rife with small farms, ranches, undisturbed orange groves […]

Take It to the Mat

Placemats offer a great alternative to tablecloths because they only need to be wiped off (or perhaps hosed down on pasta night) and not constantly thrown into the wash. Eco designs made with bamboo, raffia or recycled materials make both a stylish and sustainable statement at your table. They also help […]

Cast Your Vote for America's Favorite Farmers' Market

Forget Britain’s Got Talent and American Idol. There’s a new contest happening that will dig up a lot more dirt but without the snark of Simon Cowell and Co. It’s the first annual America’s Favorite Farmers’ Market contest. Organized by the American Farmland Trust, this contest offers consumers a way to […]

NYFW: Gretchen Jones Channels the Literature of Joan Didion

Gretchen Jones channels Haight Ashbury and pom pom flower power for a stunning Spring/Summer 13 collection. It’s no secret we’re Gretchen Jones fans here at EcoSalon so catching up with her post GenArt Fresh Faces show this past Sunday was like sitting down with an old friend. Known on Project […]

25 Photos of Urban Green Spaces

Greening the urban jungle. Hidden in the gravel and concrete that dominate today’s cities, it is possible to find tiny plots of green. Whether it’s an eco-activist art installation, a city-funded park, a guerrilla gardening experiment, or just a weed that has broken through a crack in the sidewalk, these […]

Someday/Today: Home Grown and Home Made Tables

Someday a luxe table from a reclaimed urban tree. Today, a funky table made from shipping pallets.  Someday… I would love to add a touch of nature to my home with a luxurious table from Urban Hardwoods. They offer furniture that are works of art made from reclaimed urban trees. […]

Amy Butler Lends Feminine Bohemian Eye to New Organic Bedding

Summertime, and the cotton is high. It’s also 100% organic and woven in a refreshing feminine palette with low-impact dyes by Midwest modern designer Amy Butler. Can you imagine having anything but good dreams when tucked into such life-affirming florals? Come June, this first bedding collection by Butler makes its […]

How Green Was My Valley

My parents moved from Nebraska to Hollywood in the fifties, having heard the land game was booming in the San Fernando Valley. My developer father built us a home on a cul-de-sac in the suburb of Woodland Hills. The valley was still rife with small farms, ranches, undisturbed orange groves […]

5 Questions to Help You Uncover Your Dream Life

Living intentionally means constantly taking steps to live your dream life. It’s about setting your life up in a way that fits your preferences instead of just going through the motions and then waking up one morning and wondering how you got where you are. Life can be unpredictable but […]

Prairie Home Companion

I’m a sucker for white gliders, a wanna-be Ann Lamott style novelist who dreams of slow summer nights sipping lemonade on my wrap-around porch, sharing excerpts of finished chapters with my husband and daughters. The chapters may be off schedule, but I have found the outdoor bench of my green dreams, the […]

7 Tips for Late Summer Dinner Parties at Home

Hot time, late summer in the city! Except for those dreaded Friday nights when all that’s on your buff arm is your reusable canvas shopping bag. Lumbering home from your hood’s green grocer, you pass that trendy Indian bistro and spy handsome couples in the window on double dates. They’re […]

Green Magazines: Top 4 Eco Titles

Vogue. Elle. Harper’s Bazaar. These are all familiar names in the publishing industry and some of the world’s most popular fashion magazines. All of them have at some point supported, promoted or endorsed eco fashion and beauty products on their glossy pages, but there are a whole set of new  […]

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6 Best Natural Multitasking Beauty Products

Which beauty products do we love the best? Well, that has to be multitasking beauty products. Find out which ones to stock up on today. You are stranded on a deserted island and can only have one beauty product … what would you bring? It would have to be a […]

Dolly Parton Is a Badass And You Need to Know It [Video]

Dolly Parton is the best. If you don’t agree with me then I feel bad for you. PBS’s Blank on Blank posted an amazing interview with Dolly Parton from 1978. It’s an animated joy of a video filled with tales of Parton’s youth. Related on EcoSalon  10 Almost Forgotten Songs […]

Earth Day Fashion Guide: On Trend

Check out our Earth Day Fashion Guide, full of our trendy top picks from the environmentally conscious and active online shop EcoHabitude! Known as the ethical marketplace, EcoHabitude aims to create more transparency in the online green marketplace, and has created the EcoTag system that indicates which ethical and environmental […]

5 Eco-Friendly Swimwear Brands for 2015

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s about time to start looking for poolside or beach attire. Don’t just resort to any old swimwear brand when it comes to your next purchase. Instead, opt for a swimwear brand that has the environment in mind. The following 5 swimwear […]

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4 Ways to Be Certain You’re Investing in Eco-Friendly Clothing

We love style. We love fashion. We also want to make sure our sartorial choices do little damage to the world as we can. Eco-friendly clothing manufacturers throw around terms like “conscientious” and “sustainable fashion”, but what does that really mean? There are plenty of fashion designers that describe themselves […]

Now Trending: Wide Leg Jeans and Bell Bottoms Are Back!

This season’s denim trend is a double throwback to two decades in fashion history – wide leg jeans from the ’90s and bell bottoms and patchwork from the ’70s. Work the look right with our vintage trending tips! It all started on the Fall/Winter 2014 runways and bled into the […]

The Monarch Butterfly May Soon Be on the Endangered Species List

If you happen to have a run-in with a monarch butterfly in the near future, consider yourself lucky. They’re about to be listed as endangered species. The Center for Food Safety, the Center for Biological Diversity, Xerces Society and renowned monarch scientist Dr. Lincoln Brower have petitioned the U.S. Fish […]