A Couch Case


I have been in the market for a new sofa. The navy blue, “transitional” IKEA purchase (did I just admit that? Oh dear.) had more than worn out its welcome by more years than I care to admit.

You’d think this would be a fairly simple process, especially for the self-proclaimed strategic shopper that I am. Open a few catalogs, peruse some websites, cruise the designer showrooms. I quickly felt overwhelmed by all the options. Dramatic, yes. But I was a basket case – or perhaps I should say a couch case. The cause? I was in search of the perfect eco-friendly designer sofa.

I’m here to report that this mission was far easier than I anticipated, even with my list of must-haves: comfortable, versatile and stylish. And with retailers including the likes of Crate & Barrel and IKEA going the way of green, I had choices galore. I even learned of a new soy based foam product “Preserve” that many manufacturers are using now. Here is what I found along the way:

– On the more expensive end of the spectrum, you’ll love this beauty from Q Collection. Gorgeous and chic pieces, and even a sustainable children’s line so you can start small!

– Find other high-end options at Green This Life including Go Green, Inc., the organic natural home furnishings line from Jason Streatfeild.

– I nearly chose this chic one from a Seattle-based company.

– Finally, there’s Viesso. The fact that this line is customizable and green gives it excellent value. All these sofas share many of the same eco-friendly sofa stats: 100% organic/natural fibers that are bio-degradable and naturally flame-retardant; sustainably harvested wood; recyclable zippers and natural hemp stitching; 100% organic cotton, linen and hemp fabric selection; water-based and formaldehyde free wood glues.

Oh, I almost forgot. My Viesso sofa is on order in 100% cotton French Blue and is scheduled to arrive in my living room any day now. Case closed.

Image: Viesso