A Frank Talk About Beauty


What would your hair stylist want you to know about your true beauty?To find out, I went for a consultation at my favorite local hair salon, Fusion 3, an Aveda salon. I met with Frank to discuss possibilities for coloring, cutting and most importantly, bringing out the healthy radiance of my hair.

Frank took his time, offering me the free consultation of a lifetime. We looked through Aveda’s many products, which have focused their products towards earth friendly ingredients and sustainable practices. We also looked through images he had placed in a magazine of beautiful women. And then the confessions came, right from the stylist’s mouth.

All those hairstyles, he explained, are created in layers over several hours. And the one Frank thing he wished every woman would deeply know about herself? That her inner beauty is the starting point to his being able to bring out her natural style. And, the flip of that is that, try as he might, if a woman’s inner beauty is turned off inside of herself, no amount of his flair will transport her to see the vision of gorgeous that his artistry with her hair supported.

Try adding these practices to bring forth your inner beauty: read Louise Hay’s small book of affirmations, I Love My Body and post the best ones on your mirror and read them everyday. Using a tip from Dr. Emoto, on your water bottle, post phrases like, "I am radiance", "I am beauty," or "I am love". You may be surprised when friends or strangers who have not seen your post it note begin to agree with your own acknowledgment. Finally, find yourself a good mirror and place high quality lighting around it. Then, every morning and evening, look deeply into your own eyes and give yourself sincere praises. Let yourself move past any discomfort until you see real beauty, light, love and radiance reflected back to you.

Image: FrischMilsch