An Eco Tweet


I love birds. (Quite a bit.) I don’t mean to have and to hold. I don’t enjoy poultry and the only pet bird I’ve ever known was my aunt’s cockatiel, Rosie, and it’s fair to say we despised each other with a loathing usually reserved for siblings.

But I love the music and cheerful mystery that birds share with us. I choose organic produce as much for songbird conservation as my own health, and I have to mentally restrain myself from purchasing every bird bag, tee, and print in sight. In order to manage my tweet affection in an eco-friendly way, I bookmark photos of favorite things, print them out on rainy days, and make collages for my stylebook. 


I have no need for more furniture even if it does have an irresistible songbird tableau embroidered on it, so one glossy image of this sweetly serene Air Hazel setee by PURE is headed for the scrap heap (that’s a compliment, of course).

If you happen to be looking for a demure hallway or study sofa, I recommend the Air Hazel. PURE’s pieces are made according to fair trade rules, from sustainable materials, and with the newest energy-efficient technology. ($4418.)

Image/Purchase: Structured Green