Awake at the Wheel


While perusing the gritty and authentic Awake at the Wheel, I came across a post about an experiment measuring the added benefits of chocolate enhanced by the power of good intention. It only confirmed my personal belief that many of our small daily choices can be enhanced with conscious intent. (As to the benefits of chocolate consumption, I need no studies.)

While spending a summer at the School of Conscious Life in Quebec, I was taught to always send intention and energy into my food before eating it. It’s not quite like a prayer, as I didn’t speak out loud, but I held my plate up to my solar plexus and both consciously absorbed the nutrition from the food as well as put my intentions and energy into it.

To the skeptic this is all quite "woo woo", but one thing I can say is that it did help me slow down and appreciate my food before eating, and that’s something to cheer!

Whatever your background or belief system, I believe we can all benefit from acting with conscious intention in our daily lives. It will do you a lot of psychological good! After all, mindfulness and positivity are the things that will ultimately make our world a richer place to be.

Now, I’m off to thoroughly enjoy some chocolate!

Image: hfb