Craft Moment: Recycled Rolls


This may sound strange but I actually get  a sense of accomplishment from changing an empty roll of toilet paper. Often at a party or while a guest at a friend’s house I secretly hope the t.p. will run out while I’m in the bathroom so that I can replace it with a fresh roll. It makes me feel like I have done my anonymous good deed for the day. Unfortunately, I have to admit I don’t do much more than toss the empty roll in the trash bin (after I’ve given myself a pat on the back, of course).

I’m happy to report that blogger DLTK has some bright ideas for reusing a cardboard toilet paper roll, filed under the heading "kid friendly". There are more than 50 shapes you can create, including a Lemur, a Lobster, or a Lion, with just an empty roll and some basic craft supplies. It’s an easy way to educate kids on recycling and reusing things you see everyday in a creative way.

Lucky for me these projects are "suitable for ages 3+", so don’t be surprised when you see me leave your bathroom with an empty toilet paper roll peaking out of my purse.

Image: DLTK
via Popgadget