Decorative Days and Sweet-Scented Nights


Pillow acquisitions are not always appreciated by the male of the species, but the aspiring designer in every woman knows how a simple switch of pillows can reinvent an entire room. I have dozens: standard sleeping pillows, square throw pillows, Euro sham-covered pillows, boudoir pillows, floor pillows, cushions, rests, stops. Pillows give us a quick, effortless and relatively inexpensive method of altering the atmosphere of any room instantly. I switch pillows as frequently as I switch flowers and handbags. Why not? For a dressy champagne party I stow my green silk in favor of the black and silver glitter, and for seasonal changes, such as from summer to fall, I put away the organic linen and cozy up with the chocolate velvet.

Recently, I found these numbers from Michaela Scherrer: the most beguiling, delicate, sweet-smelling (filled with lavender), unpretentious and eco-friendly (vintage French linen) pillows. This L.A. based designer fuses her Zen-like sensibilities with a genuine environmental consciousness. For non-vegans, she’s given us a quality selection of leather muslin cases to choose from – in soft shades of rose, green, grey and even brown, intricately etched, with or without glitter or a pattern. Irresistible.