Green, Greener, Greenest: Reach Higher!


I’m gonna push you to a deeper, richer shade of green. Are you ready? Here goes!

You know the clear plastic bags they have at the grocery store for bagging produce and bulk goods? It’s time to break the bad habit of using these once. After you’ve emptied these bags of their contents, turn them inside out, wash them, and prop them up in your dish rack to dry. (You can do this with Ziploc baggies, too.) Once dry, put these clean, totally reusable plastic baggies into your favorite stylish shopping bag, and you’ll be armed and ready to go for your next bout of zero-waste shopping.

And don’t be shy about it. When a fellow shopper noticed I was reusing plastic bags, she complimented me on my green ingenuity and said she was inspired to start doing the same. This era’s rule of thumb for sustainability is: anything that can be reused, must be reused. Clever trend-setting will save the day. (Tip: if your local grocery store hasn’t yet switched from standard plastic bags to the biodegradable kind, encourage them to do it now.)

Image: timparkinson