I Sprout!


Would you believe me if I told you that I grow my own food in my kitchen? With a couple of vintage glass jars, a handful of seeds and some cheesecloth, I sprout!

Sprouting is easy, only requires a little bit of counter space and daily rinsing, and provides me with as much nutrition as a whole garden might. Some great sprouters:

– alfalfa
– broccoli
– fenugreek
– lentils

When the seeds are watered and begin to grow, they are putting forth all their vitamins, minerals and enzymes to produce a healthy, strong plant. When you eat the sprouts, this high energy and nutrition is transferred to you. In contrast, vegetables that are picked on the farm and then shipped to a grocery store before reaching your kitchen have already lost a great deal of their nutrition and vitality.

If you’re interested in sprouting, check out this visual guide to get started. Or if you’re short on time, ask your local market to stock different varieties of organic sprouts, and get “Ëœem while they’re fresh!

Image: Erin Collins