Journaling and Woolgathering


My first diary had a red cloth cover and a tiny lock and key. I’d write in it everyday about what was important to me at the time, like “Today I wore my new blue shorts with that shirt I got at the mall. I have a crush on Jeremy. He is so cute!”

These days, I still think about clothes and men – don’t we all? But I also create art and poetry that’s not so easy to express in everyday conversation. My journal is a place to privately explore the personal mysteries of my own womanhood.

Journaling is therapeutic – a great way to process difficult emotions. A journal can also serve as a scrapbook, and I like using unlined books so I can paste in photos, dried flowers and other tidbits of my life that I want to remember. I’ll often pull out my watercolors and add a little art to the mix, to express in colors what words sometimes can’t. We’ve blogged about many wonderful eco-journals here:

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By the way, one of my favorite online journaling blogs is Elizabeth Perry’s Woolgathering. "Looking, thinking, drawing, being" proclaims the tagline. A few images, a few words, and her thoughts become alive.