Nasturtium: the Edible Bouquet


I have a lifelong, loving relationship with the prolific nasturtium plant because my mother’s name, Ladan, means nasturtium in Farsi, the Persian language. Anytime I have a garden, I plant some nasturtium in honor of her.

Of course, I like to eat nasturtium, too! It’s one of the most common edible flowers and it makes a beautiful addition to salads or an attractive and edible garnish to any meal. Nasturtium has a hot, peppery taste that reminds me of a mild, zesty wasabi. Every part of the plant – leaves, stems and all – is edible and has the same flavor.

Nasturtiums, once planted, reseed themselves and grow easily and abundantly, so you’ll never have need to run to the market for rocket when you feel a whim to add some zest to your salads.


Image: rightee