Path to Gold: Artisan Olive Oil


With so many choices available, shopping for olive oil can be quite a task. There are oils from Italy, Tunisia, Greece and Morocco – and they all have different flavors. But why import when a fabulous artisanal olive oil can be had locally and organically, from Tehama Gold, a family-owned and operated business in Northern California.

The first time I tasted this tawny olive oil, my eyes popped wide open in delight. Literally golden in color, Tehama Gold olive oil is more viscous than other oils I’ve tried and has a rich and complex flavor. This fragrant oil is a must for any discerning chef.

By chance encounter, I recently met Susie, owner and co-founder of Tehama Gold, and seeing the pride and love that she and her family have for the oil they are creating literally makes the flavor even richer.

Image: Stephmel