Pretty, Polished and Green?


Don’t cancel your next appointment at the nail salon just yet. Your squeaky clean eco-conscience and your pretty, polished nails need not be mutually exclusive.

I’ll admit that my concern about the toxicity of nail polish and remover didn’t arise until well into my green-conscious years. I don’t have a good explanation for this, other than the fear that such knowledge might come between me and my beloved manicurist Slava. I know of no better purveyor of all things nail.

So it was a great day when Slava introduced me to Acquarella, a non-toxic, water-based nail product made in the USA. Their polish contains no formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene or petrochemical solvents. It’s completely biodegradable, vegan, practically odorless and fast-drying. Acquarella polish is available in 20 colors at ($18).

Acquarella’s polish remover is also water-based and biodegradable. Free of harsh ingredients like acetone, alcohol or chemical solvents, their plant-based formula won’t strip or dry your nails. It is made exclusively to remove Acquarella polish and won’t work on other brands. A four-ounce bottle is $6.

And if your favorite manicurist or salon doesn’t know about Acquarella, make an eco-conscious decision to introduce them. Spread the word that it’s quite possible to be pretty, polished and green.

Image: aussiegall