Resist the Temptation to Eat This Soap


The last time I stayed in a hotel I forgot to bring my own soap. Well, what a tragedy for my skin that turned out to be! The soap was so harsh and drying, it felt like I was using my mom’s laundry detergent.
What a simple luxury it is to wash with a soap that feeds your skin instead of stripping everything away.

Green Haven Soaps are made of ingredients so edible, you’ll want to take a bite. The list is reads like an inventory of my kitchen pantry: olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax and avocado oils – not to mention essential oils for uplifting aromatherapy. Green Haven even makes a lathering salt bar – perfect for exfoliation. If you’ve already banished chemicals from your kitchen, make your bathroom next. Feed your skin well! (Prices vary; order via email.)

Image: courtesy Green Haven Soaps