Sink Your Toes Into Shaggy Bamboo


Some fashion and design trends of years past should be left well enough alone. They had their moment in the spotlight, their five minutes of fame or maybe they were just a one hit wonder. But now they’re just old and so very outdated in my humble opinion.

The problem is, such trends always seem to come back to life – resurrected from the closet, the garage, the Salvation Army! I felt this way about shag carpeting until I got a look at this deep pile bamboo shag rug made by the Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Company. (It’s a good day for bamboo. Take off those socks and treat your feet to this heavenly rug.)

The rug is available at re-modern in two sizes – 5×8 and 7×10 – priced at $300 and $500 respectively, and comes in five luscious colors. The shag is made from soft, durable bamboo fibers and the backing is 100% natural cotton. Bamboo is a renewable material that is versatile, naturally anti-bacterial, fast growing and has little, if any, impact on the environment.

So sink you toes into it!

Note: If your tastes run a bit more conservative than mine, try the Anji Mountain Rug Company’s eco-friendly bamboo rug in chocolate with a polypropylene mitered border. It comes in 5 versatile sizes with a ventilated non-slip rug pad for cushioning. It’s waterproof and perfect for in or outdoors.

Image: re-modern