Style Is Always in Fashion


As eco-conscious shoppers, we’ve been bypassing the plastic or paper option for a while now. Most grocery stores even have their own brand of reusable bag for sale at the check-out line. It’s not as if we’re without options. But doesn’t it appear that every week a different celebrity is spotted with the new “it” reusable grocery bag? Always something new and different, and how reusable is that?

If you’re a busy working woman with a PDA full of meetings (like me), it’s hard enough keeping up with the dry cleaning let alone the latest reusable “it” bag. But the opposite of “it” doesn’t have to be the frumpy grocery store sack. That’s why I’m thrilled to show you this colorful collection designed by the independent Dutch artist Susan Bijl.

The bags are durable, sophisticated and unexpected, so they won’t go out of fashion faster than the paparazzi can say “the collision was not my fault”. This simple bag comes in two sizes, is functional, lightweight, water-repellent and very strong. It’s made of coated nylon, and while it isn’t a recycled product, it solves the paper versus plastic dilemma with style.

Image: Greener Grass