Tea Garden


Why use an everyday tea bag when you can watch a redolent tea flower bloom instead?

There is plenty to love about the art and ritual of tea, and nowhere is it more evident than in handcrafted organic tea blooms, beautifully presented in a sustainable wood box at VivaTerra. Just drop the blooms into hot water, and the tea leaves bloom into voluptuous, fragrant “flowers” as they steep.


I’m also a fan of Numi Tea, a small company devoted to the art, craft and community of tea. Numi also makes spectacular flowering teas; rosettes of tea leaves are hand-sewn by tea artisans in the Yunnan province of China. For everyday, Numi offers premium organic black, green, oolong and white teas, and herbal tea blends that are naturally caffeine-free.

I’ve had to recently give up my daily cup of Equal Exchange Mind, Body & Soul organic and fair-trade coffee, but these flowering teas offer a whole other experience.

Images: Stephcarter and Numi Tea