Why Wash?


Doing laundry wastes energy and resources – not just the planet’s, but yours! Inspired by Sara’s earlier post on wearing your jeans five times before washing, I will fully admit to wearing the same black work pants five to six times before I wash them.  Not only am I saving myself time and energy but – no joke – these pants have lasted me six years!

The Finnish design house Ivana Helsinki also promotes this don’t-wash-it approach.  Designer Poala Suhonen has made the family-owned Ivana Helsinki brand synonymous with ethically and ecologically produced fashion.  These visually striking handmade dresses are created from sturdy woven mid-weight cotton that maintains its tailored look even after repeated wear. (The care label even suggests hang-drying the pieces.)


Made by local workers skilled in traditional handicraft, there are no chemical dyes or animal by-products used in theses creations.  Something this beautiful may never see my basket of laundry.

Available in San Francisco at Eden & Eden or online at Beklina.

Images: Ivana Helsinki