Zig Zag Your Way Through Summer


If you haven’t already heard of eco-friendly Brazilian shoe designer, Melissa, read on. I first spotted her Zig Zag flats in the window of my neighborhood boutique, and since this first sighting, I’ve noticed Melissa’s shoes all over.

The company makes hip shoes that are durable, trendy, and very reasonably priced. They exceed fair trade benchmarks, use recycled materials to make their shoes, and recycle 99.9% of waste and water used in the production process.

Their patented MELFLEX plastic is specially crafted to conform to your foot for the ultimate in comfort. They’re hypoallergenic and are made to resist odor (because all of our feet can get stinky from time to time). I love airy flats for summer and these will add a perfect sparkle to your seasonally tanned feet. They come in a rainbow of colors and cost only $55, so grab as many as you can.