A Clever Way to Grow Your Greens


When devising ways to save energy, lessen footprints and lower bills, thinking outside the box, or inside the house, in this case, is a good place to start. Clever and multi-functional mixed with a dose of sustainable offers the designer any number of creative combinations.

From this premise, product designer Judy Hoysak dreamt up a collection of Vegetable Furniture that functions as, well, furniture, in addition to a space to grow a garden of edible greens.

The Bean Screen is a room divider, provided the seeds sprout and the vines grow upward along the Plyboo Strand structure toward the top. The result is a lovely, semi-private layer of greens, in addition to a side dish for dinner.

Her Vege Table (top) grows lettuce in the same way the Bean Screen grows beans. The base of the table functions as the planter, while the glass top lets us see our salad as we eat it. Interesting.


Each piece is made using ready-made self-watering planters, fluorescent plant grow lights and Plyboo Strand, a 100% bamboo sustainable material.

Clever, don’t you think?

via dornob