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A Charmed Life


Vintage accessories are my favorite. They’re always authentic, sure to spark conversation, and there’s never a fear of smelling like an old attic or mothballs. From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, the sky’s the limit.

That being said, charms are back in style this season, but the thought of those Tiffany bracelets or the cheap plastic teeny-bopper numbers at the mall make me cringe. I had chalked charms up to “that’s just not my thing” status when I found a little vintage bling from Kittinhawk accessories. Now, I know I’ve had some strong words to share about the designer’s lace ensembles, but in the jewelry department, Allysun Dutra is spot on. Playful yet subtle and interesting, these pieces are the perfect complement to the soft, warm basics in your wardrobe.