A Lick of Eco Lacquer Does the Trick


Lacquer. So modern, so sleek, so juicy with those pops of fresh color. And not the garish black lacquer furniture of the 80s, but the chic sheen of eco-friendly lacquered finds. Yes, eco-friendly!

We’ve all been tempted to trade in mixed greens for fish ‘n chips. The Bamboo Salad Suite Deluxe from VivaTerra is sure to help quell these unhealthy urges with its bright, glossy finish (and the variety of gourmet organic flavored vinegars and oils it includes).

The Cain Collection bench from Branch Home may be simple in design, but you can choose between the smooth sheen of clear or colored lacquer in playful hues like yellow, red, blue and green.

For something a little more rustic, store your jewelry in earthy style with the polished appeal of the Lacquered Rattan storage box by Vietnamese artisans from Ten Thousand Villages.

The colorful Curvy servers from Branch Home are varnished with an all-natural lacquer made using cashew nut trees.

If your affinity for glossified bois persists, then the Log bowls that Mike recently discovered are a fabulous blend of the raw and the refined.

Jealous of your lustrous living space? Lacquer your nails with these nontoxic polishes.