Air Jardin


My thumb is more blue than green when it comes to plant care and that is why I love the idea of those ethereal air plants that hang from lovely vessels and only require a weekly dunking (just like my kids), and to be fertilized at least once a month.

The plants need to be bedded in a container that holds water and placed in a spot where there is ample  light, such as near a window. They usually flower once and look quite beautiful. There are a myriad of retail sites that sell air plants (Tillandsia) on line, like Deltona Seashells and also good sources for keeping the delicate growers alive, such as Airplant City.

As far as pretty containers, I love the ceramic egg planters at Doe in San Francisco ($89), which come in blue, white, olive and tidepool and are just light enough not to overpower the Bromeliads, orchids (yes, they are air plants, too) and other choices. And at VivaTerra you can find naturally-weathered textured antique stone planters  ($89) along with air plants for propping on a ledge or etegere.
In addition to looking cool, I find air plants provide relaxing and calming effects. I think it stems from watching them grow in a bathroom or office and knowing how hard it is to fail them since they only require a minimal amount of love.

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.