All Hail Armpit Hair! Why We’re Happy ‘Hairy’ is on Trend

Armpit hair is in and trending.

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty happy that the low maintenance look is in. Because there’s nothing that I love more than a minimal makeup routine paired with dirty tresses and armpit hair.

If the above description made you a little queasy, you probably shouldn’t click over to Instagram any time soon, because hairy pits are in. In fact, they are so in that celebrities and normal people everywhere are snapping photos of their prolific armpit hair. (Let us introduce you to the hairpitsclub, an Instagram account dedicated to women who rock their pit hair with confidence.)

Instagram accounts like this are normalizing a totally normal and feminine thing: female armpit hair. Because really, what’s more feminine than the armpit hair you got when you started puberty? And I write that last statement without any sarcasm, too. I, for one, love forging the razor because my skin is incredibly sensitive and I a little bit love making people feel squirmy with my appearance.

Also: I especially appreciate this new hairy trend after seeing this bogus, recent report concerning women’s facial hair.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting on my couch, casually enjoying some coffee when some woman on a morning show said what Hairpin later quoted:

“Michelle Money, who appeared on ‘The Bachelor,’ made a YouTube video about shaving her face. ‘I don’t care who you are, ladies, you have hair on your face,’ she says in the video, which has had more than 251,000 views. ‘Men don’t like it. Get rid of it.'”

Gah! That statement made me so mad. I mean, I have never shaved for a man, anyway. What I do with my body hair is my business. And I suppose that’s why I’m so happy that armpit hair is trending. Because it’s not the sexy norm that women are sold. Every lady should be able to do what she wants with her hair.

So, ladies: Join the hair armpit force or don’t — you should be able to wear your pit hair, and your body hair, the way you want.

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Image via Miley Cyrus’ Instagram

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