Luanne Bradley
West Coast Editor

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.

Articles by Luanne Bradley:

Oscars 2010: the Eco Message Grows


There’s nothing like the big screen to bring home the message of green, namely that our home is in peril. Or, as Michael Ruppert forecasts in Collapse (2009), on the brink of total ruin.

Then again, even the small screen can make a dent with viewers if the message is as compelling as the gruesome one in the extraordinary documentary, The Cove. All eyes were on activist Ric O’ Barry as he strapped a monitor on his chest and barged into an IWC convention playing horrific footage of the …

E-Readers: Cute as a Button or a Real Page Burner?


E-readers are spineless compared with hardcover books, lacking the soulful carbon fingerprints of readers past. You cannot fold the pages of the wafer-thin gadgets, or make your mark with splotches of food or wine. And the idea of clutching the casing to your chest after reading the final line of a novel just leaves me cold. As one book club friend of mine waxes, “There’s just something about the smell of a book.”

Still, we all can smell and see the writing is on the screen when it comes to these …

Pet Peeves in Decorating: When Design Goes to the Dogs, Leopards and Zebras


I love my dog more than frozen yogurt or vacations at the Four Seasons resort in Punta Mita, and that is saying a hell of a lot. But I have a pet peeve about styling decor with images of animal friends, like my precious Pug. I won’t accent a chair with a silkscreen pillow of his highness like the ones available at Etsy or commission pet portraits to join our family dynasty of oils on the walls. To be fair, the same goes for my aging arthritic cat, …

America’s Priciest Steak Houses Still Serving Factory Beef


Free range and grass fed at Morton’s, Ruth’s Chris and BLT Steak House? Sadly, that’s a tall order, one that appears too rare for the tastes of these popular dining destinations.

You have to wonder why when considering the health of  loyal customers lapping up ten ounces of beef in one sitting, washing down the seared flesh of a hormone-induced, antibiotic injected feed lot animal with a glass of bold Cabernet.

Most of the high priced U.S. haunts of meat connoisseurs cite several excuses for not making the shift …

What Does Marrying Well Mean in 2010? The Green Perspective

engaged couple holding hands

It often feels as if I’m unwittingly caught in a Jane Austen novel when it comes to family wranglings surrounding love and money. In this all too passe yet wrenching scenario, my 81-year-old mother is Lady Allen, the one controlling the purse strings, and I, John Willoughby, a hopeless romantic seeking a kindred spirit but warned since childhood that not to marry well would be to squander my inheritance.

In 1811 Britain, busybody Mrs. Jennings opined Maryann should hook up with the single Colonel …

Sowing the Seeds of Love: Green Valentine’s Package for Ecodesiacs


Love is in the air and it’s oh so toxin free. That’s the message of the Sowing the Seeds of Love getaway packages by Joie de Vivre, a carbon reducing San Francisco-based hospitality management company that wants you to get off on going green February 14th.

It’s not as seedy as it sounds, but offers high quality indulgence for lovers with some extra dough. Hey, the benefit will probably outlast a bouquet of roses.

Each time you spring for one of the romantic packages, you will earn an EcoUnit, meaning a …

How Green Is My Volley! Tennis, Golf Score Points for Eco Elements


Green is now in play in the games of tennis and golf, part of the ritzy turf beyond the perennial rye grass planted in Wimbledon in 2001 and the countless courses of manicured sod watered daily worldwide.

Can eco gear improve the sports? At least it makes the athletes feel they’re endorsing something other than Wheaties, Buick and American Express.

Here are some winning new classics now sustaining the social sports we love.

Lela Designs from Canada uses chemical-free bamboo, organic cotton, PET fibers, to create updated sophisticated golf wear, worn by …

Little Miss Unsustainable

little miss perfect pageant show

Reasonable people can differ on beauty contests. Like the military, some ardent supporters argue pageants build confidence and open doors for young people. I don’t buy the argument in either case, because of the dangers involved in putting yourself on the line in the name of defense. In the case of the military, it’s to defend our country. In the case of the pageants, it’s the egos of the mothers behind the scenes who are exposing their kids to chemicals and the …