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Eyebrow Styles Over the Ages


It’s interesting to look back and pay homage to women’s beauty as represented by eyebrow styles from around the world.

Just like clothing fashion, eyebrow fashion has a life of its own. In our time, we’ve witnessed trends from thin, high-arched pencil drawn eyebrows to the natural, thicker, unkempt eyebrow style, and back again. Your eyebrows are surprisingly important in determining your look. They are meant to complement the shape of your face, and when your eyebrow shape is off, you’re entire appeal could change. While eyebrow styles come and go, what …

Vegan Sweet Potato Muffins Recipe


The following sweet potato muffins recipe is 100% vegan and even more delicious! Enjoy warm, with a slab of coconut butter.

To me, the best part of autumn and winter is the advent of the sweet potato in my diet. It is sweet and light, but incredibly filling, warm and full of sweet surprises. I love it in just about every way – sautéed, fried, baked and even raw.

The sweet potato is full of nutrition and helps to bring more bulk and texture to these muffins. In one sweet potato …

Healthy Fats: A Guide to Smart Cooking Oil Choices

olive oil

If you are shunning butter and looking for an oil to use for a variety of different cooking purposes as well as to benefit from healthy fats, the following list will serve you well.

I list three main oils as well as a few others that are incredibly versatile, common and cover all your fatty needs. While I am a personal fan of butter, I find that its cooking temperature is quite low and I have trouble cooking certain dishes in the manner I desire. Oil generally has a higher cooking …

5 Delicious Ways to Get Seaweed Benefits Into Your Diet




Not quite sure seaweed benefits are for you? You might want to think again.

Seaweed is a rich source of iodine and is known to stimulate the thyroid and cleanse the system of toxins, which makes it super beneficial to the diet. Some pinch their noses around it and others fear it is far too exotic and specialized in nature to prepare in the comfort of a home kitchen. However, seaweed is quite easy to work with and there are many different variations that you can experiment with to get …

How to Fast or Detox According to Your Specific Health Needs



While you may think you know how to fast–by not eating for several days–there’s actually a lot to it.

There is a lot of discussion surrounding the latest (and enduring) detoxification craze. More and more cold-pressed juice bars about popping up and the green juice has become the new morning must-have, can’t-live-without cup (or two) of coffee. Raw, vegan foods are making waves and the no-added-sugar, gluten-free labels are putting the white flour and white sugar culprits where they should be: in the past. But, when it comes to a more …

DIY Beauty Recipe: Honey Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe


If you are particularly prone to flaky, dry lips, the following honey sugar lip scrub will be your latest and favorite homemade, all-natural skincare product.

The season is changing and when that happens, it is the optimal time to cleanse, renew and put a fresher face forward. Your skin is no exception. Lips are abused on a daily basis with the likes of cosmetics, salty or sugar foods and beverages and coming in contact with other people’s cheeks and lips. It’s no wonder they wear and tear every so often. …

Makeup Color Match Tips to Complement Your Eye Color



To makeup color match, you have to take into consideration your features, regardless of what shades or colors you think will look best.

It’s really not enough to look at a celebrity you admire and try to replicate her look by using the same exact makeup colors and tones – they simply may not work well with your individual features. At the end of the day, the next person is not you and doesn’t work with the same blank canvas.

Instead of starting with a makeup trend and applying it …

Vegan Black Bean Dip Recipe with Cumin and Citrus

black beans

This black bean dip recipe is a vegan version of a party favorite.

Dips are what make parties so much fun – mostly because there are plenty to choose from and each is condensed with flavor. Unfortunately, most dips are also condensed with calories. One bite can often mean 100 calories, so in no time at all, you have racked up the calories without even realizing it. This black bean dip recipe is a bit different. It’s packed with veggies, spices and herbs and completely nixes the heavy ingredients, …