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Sugar and Gluten-Free Apple Crisp Recipe

apple crisp

If you are looking to clean up your holiday diet act, start with the following sugar and gluten-free apple crisp recipe, which will satisfy your taste buds and offer you the crave-worthy texture you seek without compromising your figure.

Homemade apple crisp is a lot like apple pie, only it is with a bit more crunch and a lot easier to put together. It has the ability to make the house smell like an apple orchard, full of warm comfort and holiday cheer. Each bite is a play of …

‘Tis the Season: Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup Recipe

broccoli soup

‘Tis the season for broccoli, and I couldn’t be more psyched. Broccoli is delicious however it is cooked and offers the much-needed density that a winter diet requires. You never walk away hungry from a broccoli-based dish, and the same goes for this vegan cream of broccoli soup recipe.

The broccoli’s flavor is able to stand out, as the soup only requires a few other ingredients. Normally, cream of broccoli soup requires butter and cream. However, this soup lets the broccoli do the talking and it only has good …

15 Celebrity Makeup, Skin and Hair Tips that Really Work


Beauty means many different things to many different people – it is truly in the eye of the beholder. However, it seems we all listen a bit more closely to what celebrities have to say about the matter, down to the most detailed of makeup, skincare and hair tips.

And, there’s no denying, it’s all for good reason. Celebrities depend on their looks for fame, money and notoriety, and with that comes a huge knowledge base concerning the best hair, makeup and skin tips, products and therapies. Here are 15 …

A Vegan and Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe to Make You Thankful

sweet potato

Next week, you’ll likely be walking away from the Thanksgiving dinner table hunched over, filled to the brim with delicious seasonal dishes like turkey, bread stuffing, creamy green beans and sweet potato casserole. However, despite the holiday’s reputation as a jaunt to calorie town, there are ways to tweak traditional Thanksgiving dishes so that they continue to comfort not only your seasonal hunger pangs but also your conscience.

Take the sweet potato casserole – this dish is a fixture at the winter holiday table. Despite its sweet potato base, …

How to Get Better Sleep with Nighttime Rituals


Here’s how to get better sleep with four helpful nighttime rituals to make the most of your shut eye.

Sleep is a time for your body to recharge. If you don’t get enough of it, you strain your organs and adrenal glands and compromise overall health. But it’s a matter not only of how much sleep you are getting but also of how to get better sleep and what you do to to prepare for the largely-underestimated daily event. Before going to bed, you should be taking steps to make sure you have the …

20 Inspiring Quotes About Autumn


We’re halfway through autumn, and with the season come colorful leaves, a crisp, cool air and plenty of pumpkins and apples to delight your senses and tide you over for the months to come. It is a magical time of year that reminds you of the beauty in change. For many, it is the best time of the year to luxuriate in Mother Nature’s offerings as well as be genuinely inspired. The following 20 quotes about autumn reveal the indubitable glory in this oh-so-special season.

Fall is perhaps my personal …

Hair Styles that Flatter 6 Different Face Shapes


Before you can learn what hair style is optimal for you, first you must determine which category your face shape falls under – oval, round, square, oblong, heart or diamond.

It’s easy to want to cling to the latest fashion and beauty trends, but not so fast. Often, when we take on a new look that is a hit with celebrities and other fashionistas, we forget that what works for others may not necessarily work for us.

Everyone’s body is different, from the head down to the toes. Don’t let a …

3-Ingredient Vegan Caramel Sauce Recipe that Outshines the Sugary Options

caramel sauce recipe

The following caramel sauce recipe brings together only a few ingredients, each of which provides incredible nutrition and flavor. It is also vegan!

Caramel sauce is easy to put together and has an all-purpose worth that transcends dessert time and has found place in breakfast, beverages and even savory dishes. However delicious and creamy traditional caramel sauce is to the senses, it is only doing bad for your body. Based in white sugar, caramel sauce is a load of empty calories and spurs an unhealthy spike in blood …