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12 Christmas Cocktails Guaranteed to Get You Under the Mistletoe with Santa

12 Christmas Cocktails Guaranteed to Get You Under the Mistletoe with Santa

In the lead up to Christmas, sit back, relax and sip on these 12 deliciously festive Christmas cocktails. Cheers to that!

Christmas is just around the corner. As much as the holiday centers on gift giving and receiving, comforting seasonal flavors and colorful decorations, Christmas is also about the booze. But I’m not talking about just any ol’ alcoholic beverage – I’m talking about cocktails catered to the holiday itself, incorporating cheer into every spiked sip. These Christmas cocktails ought to do …

21 Essential Vegan Baking Tips for the Egg and Dairy-Free Kitchen

vegan baking

Vegan baking is an art of its own – what’s one to do without the butter, milk and eggs?

Vegan baked goods are just as delicious as their traditional counterparts, but they take a bit more honing in the kitchen to master, as well as a wider knowledge base of formerly unbeknownst-to-you ingredients and techniques.

Here are 21 vegan baking tips you should never enter the kitchen without.

1. For leavening, replace one egg with 2 teaspoons of baking soda mixed in 2 tablespoons of water.

2. For leavening, replace one …

Your Go-To Christmas Playlist with a Little Something for Everyone

christmas music

This year, turn up the volume on this Christmas playlist, which includes a bunch of new songs from popular 2014 artists as well as older tunes that deserve a place on this list, regardless of the year.

The following Christmas playlist will guarantee to bring you the holiday cheer as well as a few (probably much-needed at family time) laughs. Every year, it seems artists near and far try to crank out their own Christmas holiday albums, and rarely are we that impressed with the outcome. However, there are …

The Silent Killer: Avoid Sun Damage to Your Skin this Winter

winter sun

When the temperatures drop, it’s easy to let down your guard and forget about sun safety. It may not be warm in the winter, but sun damage is still in the cards.

Despite the cold weather and overcast, melanoma risk is still high in the winter, especially among those who spend a lot of time outside. Cancer doesn’t hibernate just because it’s cold outside. The sun still emits UV rays, which are the main cause of melanoma. Even on cloudy days, you should be equipped with a defense against …

Vegan Whipped Cream Recipe Takes the Cake

whipped cream

This recipe for a vegan whipped cream takes control of your whipped cream game and says good bye to its dairy-based counterpart. Enjoy!

Whipped cream is the perfect complement to just about any dessert, offsetting sweetness and texture with a touch of creamy neutrality or providing a light backdrop to an otherwise heavy pie, pudding or cake. Because it is so light, we often eat more than we should in any given sitting, and things can get out of hand fast.

Traditional whipped cream may be light as a feather, …

Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe for DIY Clean Clothes Without the Chemicals


It’s true – often the “eco” brands don’t quite live up to their toxic counterparts in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. However, this homemade laundry detergent recipe is incredible potent and easily rivals commercial brands.

All you need are a few simple ingredients and a large bucket and you’re on your way to 50+ eco-friendly loads of laundry. Your clothes will smell and look fresh and you can rest assured that your skin is no longer absorbing artificial fillers and fragrances from your clothes.

This is a basic all-purpose homemade laundry detergent …

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally: 3 DIY Sparkling Smile Recipes


There are many products out there that can help you achieve whiter teeth, but they tend to be too harsh and can actually compromise oral health. Do you know how to whiten teeth naturally? You actually don’t need toothpaste to get the job done.

When it comes to how to whiten teeth naturally, all you need are a handful of ingredients – no more, no less. These natural, simple ingredients can either complement your current oral health regimen or be part of your transition towards getting rid of traditional toothpaste use altogether. Here is …

The Many Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera


The benefits of aloe vera are not new information. In fact, aloe vera has been used for centuries by cultures around the world as both a medicinal and beauty agent. Aloe vera is a panacea of sorts that has thoroughly earned its reputation.

Today, aloe is gaining more clout in health food circles. And now, with DIY natural beauty on the rise, consumers are stripping their skincare and hair products down to their very foundations, only to realize aloe vera is perhaps the most effective and straightforward natural ingredients out there to tend …