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3 Healthy Halloween Finger Food Recipes (Great for Kids!)

finger foods

Nothing spells indulgence quite like Halloween does. Have you ever eaten so many sweets at any other time in the year than on Halloween? Unfortunately, it’s easier to give into the lure of bottomless candy bags as a child than as an adult, when every bite makes that much more of a difference.

However, some of us simply don’t want to give into the sugar rush (or let our children do so) and instead try to keep our diet in check, even when temptation thrives. Here are 3 very …

15 Funny, Spooky and Poetic Halloween Quotes


If the Halloween cheer hasn’t spooked you yet, her are 15 Halloween quotes that will get you in the mood for a good scare (or laugh).

‘Tis the season for pumpkins, scarecrows, goblins and monsters! The weather has cooled down, but that only means the holiday season is just around the corner. First up is Halloween, one of the few moments each year that you have the opportunity to be someone or something else. Now, for some spooky inspiration.

1. ‘Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes …

5 Eco-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas


This year, why not make a statement? If you are one who prides him or herself on reeling in the most clever and witty of Halloween costume ideas each year, perhaps it’s time to bring some consciousness to this year’s choice.

The following 5 eco-themed Halloween costume ideas are meant to get your creative juices churning. They not only are cute and fun, they also make you and those around you think, walking away with a greater awareness about the environment and the detrimental effects of climate change.

1. Greenwashing

Deck …

5 Sustainable Cities Around the World


If you come from a busy, crowded city, you’re probably used to inefficiencies – a sluggish train system, trash-ridden sidewalks and an ever-present stench that you unfortunately have gotten used to. However, not all cities are like that – in fact, there are metropolitan sustainable cities around the world (and in the US) that have got their business in order.

With plenty of greenery, bike paths, efficient subway systems and high air quality, the following 5 sustainable cities from around the world are sure to inspire you to make a …

10 Fun Facts About Renewable Energy


As the global environmental crises dawns upon us, renewable energy models are taking center stage.

Around the world conversation is swirling concerning what we, as a global society, will do to combat the negative effects of climate change and become less dependent on oil and other fuels to power our energy needs. Fortunately, renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly more fashionable and economical around the world. Here are 10 facts about renewable energy you may not know.

Renewable energy is any energy derived from natural processes, such as sunlight and wind. …

Goat Milk Yogurt Ranch Dressing Recipe



This goat milk yogurt ranch dressing recipe gives Hidden Valley a healthy run for its money.

While salad greens may be light as a feather, the dressing you often put atop them is not. Ranch dressing is a popular type of salad dressing that is both creamy and flavorful. Needless to say, it is quite heavy. Full of fat, calories and other not so body-friendly ingredients, ranch dressing very much defeats the purpose of eating a healthy salad in the first place and instead loads you with more than you …

4 Ways to Upcycle Plastic Bottles


Many of us survive off of bottled water and often drink other beverages out of plastic bottles. And, they’re hard to avoid.

Quite simply, it’s difficult and expensive to satiate all your thirsty needs with beverages packaged in glass, especially if you travel a lot. But even when you use plastic bottles, there are ways to extend their life cycle beyond one beverage.

Oftentimes, local faucet water quality is low enough to raise safety concerns, making bottled water the next best option – to say nothing of the convenience of an …

5 Ways to Improve Mood with Real Comfort Foods



Try these untraditional comfort foods for healthy and delicious ways to improve mood.

The idea behind the traditional interpretation of “comfort food” is not so ill-conceived. When our blood sugar levels are low, we are hungry or we are upset, nothing feels quite as satisfying – as filling, in more than the physical sense of the word – than sitting down and enjoying a delicious, warm, nostalgia-ridden, heavy meal. It’s comfort. But beyond this brute definition of comfort food, there’s what lies between the fine lines. Some foods provide comfort …