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Calling All Marathon Runners: 2015’s Guide to the Best Spring Races in the Nation


Spring is here, which means warmer weather and ever the more reason to enjoy a leisurely run. In fact, with summer coming closer, why not kick up your fitness game by joining a 10k, half or full marathon somewhere in a city near you?

Or, make the occasion more festive and enter a marathon in a different state. Seasoned runners, this goes out to you too! These 9 races inspire marathon runners around the world, and all of them are taking place this spring! Slip on those sneakers and hit …

Vanilla Almond Butter Recipe

almond butter

This vanilla almond butter recipe is a simple, go-to nut butter recipe that gives you the opportunity to experiment and create the nut butter of your dreams.

These days, nut butters are increasingly accessible and are offered in so many unique flavors and combinations. Regardless of the options out there, it is reassuring to know that the best recipe, fit to your particular consistency, texture and taste preferences, is right at your fingertips.

If you are anything like me, you inhale a tub of almond butter within a week (or …

Color Psychology: Evoking Emotion and Physicality with Basic Colors


Color evokes emotion, and emotion inspires color. If you enter a room with black-painted walls, do you imagine your mood being markedly different had you entered the same room, but with bright blue walls? Meanwhile, do you find that your mood affects what color clothing you wear on any given day? These are simple illustrations of how the mood reflects color, and vice versa.

Color relates to the mind, body and emotions. Learn what the following 11 basic colors stand for and express to the world and to yourself, so …

Are High Intensity Workouts Better Than Running?


High intensity workouts may make for a more effective workout, but should not replace running altogether.

Steady outdoor running has long been my go-to exercise of choice. It’s straightforward, therapeutic, mindless cardio that helps me maintain my weight and keep my energy levels high and my body lean and healthy. Or so I thought. When it comes to steady-state cardio, such as running, there are convincing arguments as to why you should reduce how often or how long you hit the ground, well, running.

Before I go into why steady-state cardio …

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee Recipe for a Chilled Out Morning Cuppa

cold brew

Cold brew coffee is picking up steam among caffeine lovers near and far, but is it fit for the home kitchen?

Cold brew coffee may seem like it requires unique technology to perfect, but it actually requires nothing more than a little time. With a little foresight, you can prepare yourself a smooth cold brew coffee beverage each and every morning. The following cold brew coffee recipe shows just how easy and fuss-free the process can be.

Besides its temperature, cold brew coffee bears other perks. Because it never comes …

5 Tried and True Beauty Tips from the Middle East

middle east

The following 5 beauty tips are inspired by the Middle East and offer only a small glimpse into the kind of beauty wisdom the region holds.

When it comes to beauty, every culture has its practices. Luckily, when we run out of exciting or effective options that are popular in our own community, we can learn from others around the world. That way, the journey never ends. Middle Eastern women, with their olive skin and thick, lustrous hair, boast strong beauty traditions that are not only effective but also …

St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast: Green Overnight Oats

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast: Green Overnight Oats

St. Patrick’s Day shouldn’t be an occasion to justify indulgence in green frosted cupcakes or party snacks that often are too full of white sugar, white flour and sodium. Instead, it should be an occasion to celebrate the color green in your diet in a healthy way.

Who needs an artificial green additive when there are plenty of plant-based foods that offer the color in a detox-friendly way, like green leaves? Incorporating green leaves into any meal instantly makes it more nutritious and wholesome. Start your St. …

5 Unique Spa Treatments That Target the Mind, Body and Soul


When you think of spa treatments, does your mind quickly turns to images of a simple back massage, a pedicure or a facial?

These therapies are tried and true and most certainly relaxing, but these days, integrative health techniques have expanded beyond the usual and are far more diverse, condition-specific and effective than ever before. So, why not try them out?

The mind and body are intertwined and what affects one will indubitably affect the other. Physical spa treatments often have an impact on the psyche, improving mental clarity, reducing …