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10 Songs For the End of a Long Road

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist for the end and everything after. 

FIN by BehindTheWalk-In

10 Songs To Play On Your New iPhone 5 in Public

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist to prove you’re just as awesome as your new phone.

You know your just dying to show it off. Here are ten songs to show how cool you and your shiny new phone are next time you’re out.

iPLAY 6 by BehindTheWalk-In

10 Songs To Help You Pull Your Baby From Your Vagina Like Kourtney Kardashian

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist for moments of birth.

Because sometimes… you just gotta reach for the baby.

KK by BehindTheWalk-In

10 Cover Songs to Listen to Naked

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist that’s better without a cover.

Here are ten tastefully done cover songs, covered so well, that clothing is optional.

❤² by BehindTheWalk-In

10 Songs For Your Guests, As They Eagerly Anticipate Your Arrival

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist for when it’s all about you. 

Here is a mix designed to heightened anticipation for your guests, as they wait for you, on one of the biggest days of your life. Or just another dinner party.

RSVP †1 by BehindTheWalk-In

Five Recording Artists You May Have Missed This Month: August 2012

Five new artists to add to your playlist.

Trying to keep up with the music scene? You have come to the right place. Every month we round up some of the best independent artists that you may have missed. From August, here are our top picks:

1. Sacred Tapestry (one of many pseudonyms of the very talented Ramona Vektroid)

Sacred Tapestry – Shader by Vektroid

10 Songs to Get You Through Another Endless Pre/Post/Fantasy & Everything in Between Sports Season

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist to take you through the fall sports season.

September will be here tomorrow, and with it will be the constant stats, trades, and game-speak of the upcoming season (whether you like it or not). Here are ten songs that might steal attention from them for a second, and help you concentrate more on the more important aspects of sport, like what Tom Brady looks like naked.

10 Yrds by

90°: 10 Songs to Help You Appreciate The Last Week of August

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist that’s as hot and smooth as the decade that inspired it. 

Here is a warm and breezy mix,
To help you softly reminisce,
That the last days of this here summer,
Weren’t always a total bummer.