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Jill Ettinger is the editor and a featured writer for OrganicAuthority and Ecosalon. Her work also appears weekly on NaturallySavvy and SunwarriorNews. Jill has been featured in The Village Voice, Urban Fig, MTV, Reality Sandwich, Global Rhythm and many more publications. Jill’s focus on food, herbs, wellness and world cultural expressions blends the mystical and modern as she explores what our shifting food, healing systems and creative landscapes will look, sound and taste like in the future. For more info, visit www.jillettinger.com.

Articles by Jill Ettinger:

‘Dead’ Shopping Malls Shuttering Across America


The 1980s are long gone, and the decade’s most iconic hangouts are disappearing now too: shopping malls.

Turn on practically any teen-infused movie from the 1980s and at least one scene is likely to take place at a bustling shopping mall. The shopping mall was the Facebook of its day: after school or on the weekends, suburban teens flocked to malls to connect with each other. They would play arcade games, eat greasy mall food and browse sale racks, too. Adults flocked to malls too, for shopping, movies and to sit in those …

Gross: KFC Lures Fast Food-Crazed Teens with Fried Chicken Corsages for Prom



I just threw up a little at the news that KFC has released a drumstick corsage just in time for prom season.

Yeah, you read right: It’s a corsage with a hunk of dead, fried chicken in the middle of soft, fragrant flowers.

I’m assuming it’s a marketing ploy to get exactly this type of attention. Healthy food-loving writers like me will tell you how utterly offensive this is. So, of course, rebellious teens will find …

Stephen Colbert is Probably Not, Definitely Maybe, Almost the Best Replacement Ever for David Letterman


Stephen Colbert is set to succeed long-time late night host David Letterman. It’s a big win for America’s future, for one really simple reason.

It’s hard not to love Stephen Colbert. Unless, of course, you happen to be a slightly deranged, bitter, white, conservative (middle-aged) man, one of whom he has hilariously parodied for close to two decades—first on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” and then on the network’s award-winning “The Colbert Report.”

And now, Colbert’s going to take the reigns over at CBS in what’s become a highly controversial position: The Late Night …

Not Much Fun, is It? Men Stunned by Sexist Woman [Video]

sexist woman

Guys get a taste of their own (collective) medicine when Leah Green behaves like an outrageously sexist woman. If you haven’t seen this Guardian video yet, it’s worth the few minutes of your day. Especially, you know, if you’ve ever objectified a woman.

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Sexist Legal Memo Tells

California Assemblyman Moves to Ban SeaWorld’s Captive Orcas

California may ban the use of captive orcas for performance purposes as a direct result of the controversial documentary, “Blackfish.”

Hey, SeaWorld, how much clearer can it get? That’s the question million of American are asking the aquatic theme park under fire for its mistreatment of captive orcas. Now, with support from Assemblyman Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica), California may soon make it illegal to keep orcas in captivity for use as entertainment. This. Is. Huge. Not just for the the whales (but mostly), but also for …

How to Lose Weight Fast… with the ‘Ice Cream Diet’?

ice cream
The ice cream diet. It’s a thing…and yes, the creator of the fad says its how to lose weight fast. By eating ice cream.

When the good news came out (and continues to come out) that chocolate actually has some pretty significant health benefits, there was a lot of nodding and head-shaking in agreement. Mine was one of them. After all, cacao—chocolate in its raw form—is a botanical that’s full of antioxidants and minerals. Can’t go wrong there.

But we all know that the majority of us aren’t pulling cacao beans out from …

WTF, SeaWorld? Orcas Given Valium to Forget They’re in Water Prisons?


SeaWorld has been in hot water ever since the documentary “Blackfish” came out last summer. And now, the marine park is being accused of drugging its killer whales.

An affidavit filed in Ontario Superior Court of Justice, and leaked to BuzzFeed, claims that SeaWorld routinely gives benzodiazepines—drugs found in Valium and Xanax—to orcas suffering from mental health issues as a direct result of being in captivity.

Jared Goodman, Director of Animal Law at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (…

Men Do Not Know How the Vagina Works! Seriously, Someone Help These Pathetic People [Video]


Okay, BuzzFeed. We know. You like to make fun of everything. Especially the vagina. But are these men being serious? Do they really not know how female anatomy works? If this is really the case, that guy’s “Jurassic Park” t-shirt is like, predicting the fate of the human species. Ladies, please sit down with the men in your lives. Help them not be so embarrassingly clueless…do it for our future.

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