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Jill Ettinger is the senior editor and featured columnist on EcoSalon and sister site Organic Authority as well as NaturallySavvy. Her work is also featured weekly on Eat Drink Better and SunwarriorNews. She is the co-director of social media for both EcoSalon and Organic Authority and works as a researcher and writer with the Cornucopia Institute, the leading organic industry watchdog group. Jill’s writing has been featured in The Village Voice, MTV, Reality Sandwich and Global Rhythm as well as the anthologies “Towards 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age” (2009, Tarcher/Penguin) and “What Do You Believe?” (2009, Outside the Box). A focus on food policy, veganism, wellness, music and world cultural expressions, Jill blends the mystical and modern as she explores what our shifting food, fashion, culture and creative landscapes will look, sound and taste like in the future. Jill spent more than a decade as a sales and marketing manager in the natural foods industry and regularly consults with and supports emerging brands and organizations in creative communication, social media and event production. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and future foodie, their daughter Imogene. Twitter @jillettinger | www.jillettinger.com.

Articles by Jill Ettinger:

Russell Brand is Fantastic, Brilliant and Amazing, Once Again [Video]

Russell Brand

If you haven’t noticed yet, EcoSalon has a bit of a crush on Russell Brand. I mean, he’s adorable and all, but it’s his brazen views on politics, commerce, and a fierce commitment to revolution that we find so irresistibly prescient. Take this, a clip from his recent visit to #OccupyWallStreet where he committed to use the sales of his new book “Revolution” to fund nonprofit causes to make this world a better place. Plus, he hugs a cop ;)

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Is Curbing Global Warming a Patriotic Duty?


There are those skeptics who still say global warming (or climate change, if you prefer) doesn’t exist. But the Pentagon is acknowledging it now as an immediate threat to our national security.

A report released by the Pentagon says that climate change may make the U.S. more prone to terrorist attacks and infectious diseases, as well as food shortages and increased poverty levels, and there is also a greater likelihood of extreme weather-related disasters, which will put pressure on our military forces.

The report explains “how the military will adapt to rising sea …

Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘Feminist’ Protest During Paris Fashion Week: Real or BS?

karl lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld hosted a staged protest feigning support for women’s rights during the highly-anticipated Chanel catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week last month. Was he making a mockery of women? Or truly embracing the issues women face today?

Rightfully so, it’s hard to take anything Karl Lagerfeld does seriously. After all, he once said: “Everything I say is a joke. I myself am a joke.” No one would dare argue with him over that. But he’s also made crude and insensitive remarks, particularly about women, like dismissing their concerns over size-zero models as nothing …

Wow! This Greenpeace Campaign to Get Big Oil’s Attention Over Arctic Drilling Will Leave You Speechless [Video]


Shell Oil may still have plans to drill in the arctic, but thanks to Greenpeace’s pressure on Lego with this amazing video, the iconic toy company ended its partnership with the big oil company. It’s a must-watch video. 


Shell Oil may still have plans to drill in the arctic, but thanks to Greenpeace’s p









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Scape-Goating BP Lets

The Case for Animal Personhood: Will ‘Nonhuman’ Persons Make Us Better Humans?


Is ‘personhood’ the same as being human?

A New York state judge will soon decide whether chimpanzees have the right to “legal personhood.” If victorious, a 26-year-old chimp named Tommy could pave the way for more animals to have similar rights and protections.

In some parts of the world, dolphins are already considered “nonhuman persons.” What we know about such animals is that they are not only sentient, but also emotional and intelligent creatures with unique personalities, preferences …

Is it Eco? Topshop Launches 3rd ‘Upcycled’ Reclaim to Wear Collection: Behind the Label


Column Topshop recently launched its third “Reclaim to Wear” capsule collection—an upcycled collection from the label From Somewhere —focused on floral print items including camisoles, culottes, dresses, denim skirts, jackets and jeans. It purports the benefits of upcycling as the new direction of fashion. But is it? We go behind the label to find out.

Topshop, the beloved British clothing retailer, operates more than 400 stores worldwide, with 300 of them in the UK. Four U.S. Topshop locations do quite a bit of business for the chain as well as the 52 stateside …

Fashion Stylist to the Rescue: Break Your Fast Fashion Addiction with a Well Coiffed Closet

closet woman

Is a closet fashion stylist the answer to our clothing and confidence issues? 

Sustainability is on the minds of many fashion lovers these days. We’ve given up fast fashion. We swap and trade instead of buying new, scour thrift stores and invest in high-quality organic pieces of clothing. But there’s another, even more effective answer to the sustainability quandary that’s been right under noses this whole time: shopping our own closets. It may help boost our self-confidence too, not to mention save us oodles of money.

Meet Megan M. Evans, founder of the …

His Name is Moby and He Speaks for the Bees [Video]


The Center for Food Safety has launched an incredible video series called “Hollywood Food Voices.” First up in the series is Moby, the prolific songwriter, DJ, outspoken vegan…and now, you can add BBF, as in Bees’ Best Friend. Just watch Moby explain about the bees on his property and why protecting them is so important. It’s really heartwarming.  

Check out the Center for Food Safety’s website here.

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