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Jill Ettinger is the senior editor and featured columnist on EcoSalon and sister site Organic Authority as well as NaturallySavvy. Her work is also featured weekly on Eat Drink Better and SunwarriorNews. She is the co-director of social media for both EcoSalon and Organic Authority and works as a researcher and writer with the Cornucopia Institute, the leading organic industry watchdog group. Jill’s writing has been featured in The Village Voice, MTV, Reality Sandwich and Global Rhythm as well as the anthologies “Towards 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age” (2009, Tarcher/Penguin) and “What Do You Believe?” (2009, Outside the Box). A focus on food policy, veganism, wellness, music and world cultural expressions, Jill blends the mystical and modern as she explores what our shifting food, fashion, culture and creative landscapes will look, sound and taste like in the future. Jill spent more than a decade as a sales and marketing manager in the natural foods industry and regularly consults with and supports emerging brands and organizations in creative communication, social media and event production. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and future foodie, their daughter Imogene. Twitter @jillettinger | www.jillettinger.com.

Articles by Jill Ettinger:

Yes, They’re Real! 10 Myths About Women With Big Boobs


Women with big boobs enjoy a lot of benefits, but there are myths to be set straight, too.

I feel a Dr. Seuss story coming on: Left Boob, Right, Boob. Big Boobs! Little Boobs! Boobs, Boobs, Boobs!

How many different myths about women with big boobs are there to be perpetually and consistently misinformed about? Even in 2014 we still don’t understand female anatomy as well as we should, and no woman feels that more than a woman with big boobs.

Here are some of the biggest myths about big boobs. We’re setting the record straight.

1. They’re not

Saying the Wrong Thing? 13 Words and Phrases You Probably Should Stop Saying


Why do we often find ourselves saying the wrong thing?

Language is a funny thing. Not literally, because, well, we’ll get to that in a bit, but it can be funny in that there are a lot of words and phrases we say when we mean something else. Saying the wrong thing has hit epidemic levels in our culture lately. Are you guilty of using one of these words or phrases when you mean something else?

1. “It’s like crack” -  Really? Have you ever smoked crack? Why would you compare something like, say, …

The Humane Cosmetics Act Now Has Support from 138 Cruelty-Free U.S. Companies [Complete List]


At one point in the not-so-distant future, it’s bound to happen that all cosmetic companies see the light and support the Humane Cosmetics Act. Because, let’s face it, rabbits don’t ever need to wear lipstick (Jessica Rabbit aside).

The Humane Cosmetics Act is moving us closer to a cruelty-free America. Introduced by Representative Jim Moran (D-VA), the bill would ban all animal testing in the U.S. for cosmetic products. Similar acts exist throughout the EU, Norway, India and Israel.

More than 130 companies have signed on in support of the bill, with five

You Have to Hear How Amber Valletta Keeps Her Addiction in Check [Video]

amber valletta

In this heartfelt video, fashion icon Amber Valletta opens up about her addiction struggles for the first time. It’s moving and inspiring.

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Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Faces ‘Pretty Ugly’ Future if Restoration Efforts Don’t Improve


Australia’s world heritage site, the Great Barrier Reef, is in serious jeopardy as a result of ocean pollution and global warming.

What would happen if we lost the Great Barrier Reef?

Considered the “rainforests of the sea”, reefs play a major role in healthy ocean life. They make up only 0.2 percent of the ocean’s mass, yet one-quarter of all marine species live in reefs, including an estimated 4000 species of fish as well as crustaceans and reptiles along with bacteria, fungi and seaweed.

And according to Australian scientists, the…

Women Dating Younger Men: Why It’s Hot


Women face a lot of double standards. Dating younger men is one of them. 

Age ain’t nothing but a number. Somebody famous said that. It’s true. We’re really only as young or old as we feel. And anyone can drop dead at any second, so it’s not like being a certain age guarantees you’ll live another day. So why is there always such ridiculous fanfare over women dating younger men? Are aging vaginas really that offensive? Do we have to call these women “cougars” and make it seem like some act of desperation …

OMG Michael Sam, You are Truly Amazing! [Video]

michael sam

What can we say about this young, talented and courageous man that hasn’t been said already? The first openly gay NFL player, Michael Sam, will bring you to a flood of tears in this ESPY Arthur Ashe Courage Award speech. Just incredible.

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Superstar Cleansing with Rainbeau Mars

rainbeau mars

Rainbeau Mars, the health guru, artist, yoga instructor and author, has released her first book called “The 21 Day Superstar Cleanse: A Rejuvenating Lifestyle Program to Help You Feel Younger, Healthier, and Ready to Rock the World!”

EcoSalon caught up with Rainbeau recently to ask her about her book, cleansing and why it works.

Jill Ettinger: A 21-day cleanse! Isn’t that, like forever? Aren’t most cleanses just a few days? Why is this one so long?

Rainbeau Mars: It’s important to commit for that amount of time because