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Jill Ettinger is the senior editor and featured columnist on EcoSalon and sister site Organic Authority as well as NaturallySavvy. Her work is also featured weekly on Eat Drink Better and SunwarriorNews. She is the co-director of social media for both EcoSalon and Organic Authority and works as a researcher and writer with the Cornucopia Institute, the leading organic industry watchdog group. Jill’s writing has been featured in The Village Voice, MTV, Reality Sandwich and Global Rhythm as well as the anthologies “Towards 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age” (2009, Tarcher/Penguin) and “What Do You Believe?” (2009, Outside the Box). A focus on food policy, veganism, wellness, music and world cultural expressions, Jill blends the mystical and modern as she explores what our shifting food, fashion, culture and creative landscapes will look, sound and taste like in the future. Jill spent more than a decade as a sales and marketing manager in the natural foods industry and regularly consults with and supports emerging brands and organizations in creative communication, social media and event production. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and future foodie, their daughter Imogene. Twitter @jillettinger | www.jillettinger.com.

Articles by Jill Ettinger:

Fire Up Your 3D Printer and Get Continuum Fashion’s Latest Printable Shoes  

continuum fashion

If it weren’t for 3D printer technology, we’d pretty much still be living in the Dark Ages.

Your computer and smart phones are practically cavemen tools these days. Besides anything Elon Musk is behind, the real impressive technology du jour is, of course, anything made on a 3D printer. Especially if it happens to be shoes.

Enter Continuum Fashion’s Myth, a collection of high heels meets high-tech 3D printed shoes. Designer Mary Huang has called them ‘computational couture.’…

It’s Not ‘Breaking Bad’, But It’ll Have to Do [Video]

walter and jesse

You probably have already seen this if you have the Internets on your computer. But it’s worth another view (we’ve watched it a few times already).  It’s a good laugh, but like anything that’s not “Breaking Bad” (or “Seinfeld” for that matter), what can we say…it only makes us miss it more. We miss you, Walter. And Jesse. (And you too, Elaine.)

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Ivory Ban Approved by New York Governor Cuomo


New York governor Andrew Cuomo has signed an ivory ban law in efforts to help reduce poaching of animals including elephants and rhinoceroses.

Governor Cuomo signed the ivory ban into law on August 12—World Elephant Day—in hopes to raise awareness about the gruesome practice of poaching these majestic, threatened creatures.

Poaching for illegal ivory is a huge problem on the African continent. According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, the number of African elephants has dwindles from more than 1.2 million in 1980 to less than 420,000 today.

Forest elephants, which are a separate species …

The Muppets Beastie Boys Mashup Has Arrived [Video]


It’s definitely one of those weeks where we all seem to need a good laugh. How about Muppets meet Beastie Boys? Yes, please. And thank you.

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Finally, a Really Good Reason For Listening to Lorde’s ‘Royals’ [Video]

The World According to Robin Williams

robin williams

Yes, this is another Internet post on Robin Williams’ suicide. But hear me out.

Like most people my age, I grew up watching Robin Williams do what only he could do. “Mork and Mindy” is one of the earliest sitcoms I remember watching, only this one I watched with bated breath. There was simply no one cooler than that silly, adorable alien. What would he do next? Everyone was asking that same question because, no one ever knew.

My dad had a video recording of Robin Williams’ live performance at the Met and …

The Pictures of Olivia Wilde Breastfeeding are Perfect… and So are Yours

 olivia wilde breastfeeding

In case you haven’t seen the news, the Internet is all in an uproar over the Olivia Wilde breastfeeding images that look “too perfect.”

Critics argue that Wilde made something that’s often far from easy, look rather perfect. But that’s kind of what Olivia Wilde does, though—she makes things look perfect because she is so perfect looking. Olivia Wilde breastfeeding should be no exception.

While breastfeeding is growing in popularity with American moms, many still resort to formula feeding from the beginning because they’re not educated enough on the benefits of breastfeeding. And …

Finally, a Really Good Reason For Listening to Lorde’s ‘Royals’ [Video]


Apparently you’re not the only one who can’t get Lorde’s “Royals” out of your head. These cows are drawn to it like moths to a (seriously overplayed) flame. But this kind of makes the millionth listen all worth it. 

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Upscale Gourmet Vegan Mayonnaise At…The Dollar Store?  

hampton creek mayo

If you haven’t yet tasted Hampton Creek’s vegan mayonnaise called “Just Mayo”, you can now head down to your local dollar store and pick up a jar.

That’s right…while it seems pretty counterintuitive, the two-year old vegan mayonnaise brand is targeting stores like Dollar Tree along with Costco, Safeway, and Kroger, in order to reach a market beyond the Whole Foods gourmet vegan mayo buyer. The company wants the Hellmann’s and Miracle Whip customer to give egg-free mayo a try.

Vegenaise, the popular (ridiculously delicious) vegan mayonnaise that’s a staple in every …