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Jill Ettinger is the senior editor and featured columnist on EcoSalon and sister site Organic Authority as well as NaturallySavvy. Her work is also featured weekly on Eat Drink Better and SunwarriorNews. She is the co-director of social media for both EcoSalon and Organic Authority and works as a researcher and writer with the Cornucopia Institute, the leading organic industry watchdog group. Jill’s writing has been featured in The Village Voice, MTV, Reality Sandwich and Global Rhythm as well as the anthologies “Towards 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age” (2009, Tarcher/Penguin) and “What Do You Believe?” (2009, Outside the Box). A focus on food policy, veganism, wellness, music and world cultural expressions, Jill blends the mystical and modern as she explores what our shifting food, fashion, culture and creative landscapes will look, sound and taste like in the future. Jill spent more than a decade as a sales and marketing manager in the natural foods industry and regularly consults with and supports emerging brands and organizations in creative communication, social media and event production. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and future foodie, their daughter Imogene. Twitter @jillettinger | www.jillettinger.com.

Articles by Jill Ettinger:

Go From Hibernate to Rejuvenate with The Spring Into Spring Box!


Oh, winter, you have been unusually cruel this year! But we’re ready to crawl out from the dark and cold and thaw at the very first hint of spring, which we know is just around the corner. The Spring Into Spring Box is here to help! This incredible care package features more than $483 worth of luxe goodies to help you shake winter off and welcome spring’s fertile winds. It’s all yours for just $129 + free shipping!

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Enjoy wonderfully delicious good-for-you foods at radically discounted prices, look stunning from the inside out and …

The Pharmaceutical Industry is So Totally Messed Up [Video]

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 8.13.18 PM

Thank you John Oliver for revealing just how corrupt the pharmaceutical industry is! If it weren’t for vaccines, we should shut ‘em down and lock ‘em all up.

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Feminist Ryan Gosling Memes Do the Unthinkable: They Make Men More Pro-Women

How Ending the War on Drugs Could Save the USA

Feminist Ryan Gosling Memes Do the Unthinkable: They Make Men More Pro-Women


Oh, hey girl. Those sexy feminist Ryan Gosling memes just did, like, the sexiest Ryan Gosling thing ever.

You’ve probably seen at least one by now: those feminist Ryan Gosling memes where a cute pic of the Gos is accompanied by positive messaging like “hey girl, let me get a hammer so I can help you shatter that glass ceiling”, or “hey girl, the post-feminist fetishisation of motherhood is deeply rooted in classism, but I still think we’d make cute babies.” There are also some less serious memes, like “hey girl, I forgot …

The Rise of Digital Currency: Is Bitcoin Here to Stay?

The Rise of Digital Currency: Is Bitcoin Here to Stay?

Are bitcoins and other forms of digital currency going to change how we do business forever?

We’ve seen a lot of revolutions in the last century. Political revolutions aside, I’m talking specifically about revolutions of technology—from good ol’ refrigerators to smart phones. But none may be as dramatic as the bitcoin.

The six-year old digital currency has been plagued with controversy and scandal, most notably that it’s not backed by gold or silver like our paper currency. And while it may not survive in its …

Plastic Waste Turns into Currency in Developing Countries

Plastic Waste Turns to Currency in Developing Countries

Plastic waste is building up all around the world. And now, in some countries, it’s being used as a currency of sorts.

It’s a pretty brilliant concept: offer people useful services and products for plastic waste they collect from the streets and beaches in the developing world and bring into regional “plastic banks.”

The idea is the brainchild of Vancouver entrepreneur David Katz who created the organization Plastic Bank.

“If we can reveal the value in the things around us, then we can give people the opportunity …

Lamb Acts Like a Dog, Makes the World Fall in Love with Her [Video]

Lamb Acts Like a Dog, Makes the World Fall in Love with Her [Video]

OMG, you guys! This lamb acting like a puppy is just about the most totes-adorbs thing you’ll ever see. Seriously. In 100 years when you’re on your death bed, you’ll ask someone to dig this video up and play it for you one more time.

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When Beyoncé Tells You to Eat More Vegan Food, Listen Up

When Beyoncé Tells You to Eat More Vegan Food, Listen Up

The Queen of Earth, Beyoncé, says we should all be eating more plant-based foods and she’s making it really easy with a new vegan food delivery service called 22 Days.

The program is a partnership with Bey’s trainer, Marcos Borges. All the meals are 100 percent organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO and are delivered fresh; all you need to do is plate them and eat up. Reasonably priced (about the same as eating at a vegan restaurant), the more meals you buy, the …

Kristen Schaal of ‘The Daily Show’ Mansplains the Importance of Manspreading [Video]

Screenshot 2015-01-29 14.41.42

Manspreading is taking over New York’s subway system–men hogging two seats by  widely spreading their legs.

But according to “The Daily Show” correspondent Kristen Schaal, it’s justified. “Men make 30 percent more than women, they should have 30 percent more space on the ride to work,” Schaal says, telling Jon Stewart: “You’ve been so brainwashed by this feminized world, you can’t even see everything that men have lost.”

The best part is when she talks directly to Stewart’s balls to remind them that they have lost the freedom once inherent to all …