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High Definition: Tinted Moisturizer for the Dry Months

ColumnWhether you buy it outright or make your own, tinted moisturizer is your cold weather must-have.

The one makeup product you need to make it through the dry seasons of fall and winter is tinted moisturizer. Skin becomes particularly parched as the air dries it out and indoor heating systems only exacerbate the problem. Hydrated skin makes us look fresh, younger and more vibrant and who doesn’t want that? Having a makeup product that can add needed moisture and even out skin tone is essential for every skin type. Yep, even you oily skin gals, listen up! There’s tips for you too.

High Definition: Fall’s Boldest Statements

ColumnFall makeup trends are all about featuring one part of the face and letting the rest play supporting roles.

Leaves are changing colors all around us, which is a signal to start changing our own makeup too. Fall 2011 brings with it some rather bold statements where one feature gets center stage and the rest of the face acts quietly in the background.

High Definition: Curbing Makeup Repeats

ColumnWhen it comes to makeup, figure out what the difference is between want and need.

During economic depressions and recessions, the one thing that doesn’t slow in sales very much is lipstick. It’s an easy purchase; a luxury item that is relatively cheap and can brighten your mood quick. If you are spending $8-$28 dollars every time you want to feel better on a shade that is similar to one you already have, maybe it’s time to rethink the purchase pattern.

I mean, have you ever asked yourself, “what am I doing with …

High Definition: A Temporary Breakup From Makeup

ColumnSometimes your skin needs a break from the weight of cosmetics.

Inevitably whenever we’ve asked EcoSalon readers what they most want to hear about in this column, someone pipes up with “how we don’t need to wear any.” Ok, ok, I get it. So while this column is focused on makeup, I admit, even though I’m using natural products on my face, I still give my skin breaks from makeup.

Fashion Week in New York is just ended, but it’s the beginning of a month long, intensive series of the …

High Definition: Organic Beauty with Indie Producer/Actress Katie O’Grady

ColumnEcoSalon Beauty Columnist Kristen Arnett gets actress Katie O’Grady ready for her red carpet close-up.

This past April the famed Tribeca Film Festival premiered 93 feature length independent films chosen out of over 5,000 submissions from all over the world and Rid of Me was among them. Portland, Oregon based Katie O’Grady starred in and co-produced the film with writer and director James Westby. Their highly acclaimed dark comedy is about a newlywed woman who moves to her husband’s hometown filled with yuppies and finds herself uneasy, awkward and ultimately rebellious.

Check …

High Definition: Eco Sexy Makeup with Author Stefanie Iris Weiss

ColumnNothing’s steamier than an eco sex writer channeling Brigitte Bardot’s makeup.

In the steamy, hot month of August I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Stefanie Iris Weiss, the author of Eco-Sex for the filming of a French documentary on American sex. Friends only through our interwoven virtual connections on Facebook, I’d never communicated with her until days before she stepped foot into my apartment to have her face made up in an early 70’s Bardot inspired look she so desperately desired. Stefanie, by the …

High Definition: Getting Romantic

ColumnKick away your traditional makeup routine and slip into something more romantic.

Something inside of me wanted to kick away the obvious trends of bronzey skin and neon hues that dominate this summer season, so I rebelled with romanticism.  I’ve been playing make believe in the concrete jungles of New York, as a romantically doe-eyed woman who wears floaty, water-colored dresses and gracefully sits by a lake making a wreath of flowers with lips stained from the juice of wild berries.

High Definition: All That Glitters

ColumnWhen all that glitters includes your pretty face.

It’s great when a woman feels comfortable enough to walk out of the house without a stitch of makeup on, but there are times when a part of our womanly nature craves putting on something with an eye-catching, glinting sparkle that dances in the light. The right embellishments can make us feel vivacious, empowered, alluring, creative and daring.