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Grown and Made in the USA: Spring Fashion from Myrrhia Knitwear and Foxfibre Yarns

myrrhia knitwear

Myrrhia Knitwear’s Spring 2014 collection is made from yarns sustainably grown in the USA. 

This season the Oakland, CA based Myrrhia Knitwear is launching a gorgeous collection of fine knitwear, skirts, dresses, camis and soft scarves made in the USA. The entire collection has been made from organically grown California cotton, naturally dyed silks and eucalyptus fiber-based Tencel and manufactured in a local, zero-waste factory. A collection for the stylish, sensible and ecologically aware woman, Myrrhia’s latest wares are empowering yet feminine and minimalist yet  intriguing.

MINK Shoes: Couture Vegan Shoes for a Walk on the Wild Side

mink shoes ad

Meet MINK Shoes – chic, totally cruelty-free and vegan, Italian-made and extremely stylish.

Have you ever dreamed of glamorous and trendy, but handcrafted, vegan and ethically made shoes that can take you from the office to a night out on the town? We’ve found the answer with MINK shoes, a collection of completely cruelty-free heels, flats and boots from the eco-chic city of Los Angeles. We especially love how each collection is named after the animal it personifies!

How Sustainable is ‘Made in Italy’ Fashion?

made in italy

The “Made in Italy” tag has been synonymous with immaculate quality and traditional techniques for decades – but this globally recognized phrase has a rather different story behind it in the 21st century. The influx of immigrants into Italy, the lack of supervision and factory audits, and a stagnant economy have allowed a situation where in fact your “Made in Italy” fashion items could very well be pieced together by underpaid, malnourished and illegal Chinese workers.

6 Summer Wedding Dresses that are Absolutely Gorgeous and Eco-Friendly

janaya a wedding dress

Are you preparing yourself for the special day this coming summer?

To help you with planning, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite eco-friendly summer wedding dresses for sustainably minded brides with with differing styles and tastes. Organic fabrics, repurposed vintage materials and pre-owned dresses are all wonderful and sustainable choices for a stylish, romantic and eco conscious look.

7 Made in Oregon Organic and Sustainable Fashion Labels

portland collection

Oregon, the state known for its gorgeous natural landscape, micro-breweries and awesome alternative culture (mostly located in Portland), has some pretty cool sustainable and organic fashion to offer. From the heritage Navajo prints and soft organic materials to sustainable outerwear  and hand-sewn garments, Oregon’s got some fashion labels for the consciously style savvy type!

Springtime Treat: Potato, Olive and Watercress Salad Recipe

potato watercress salad

 Try this delicious potato, olive and watercress salad recipe as you ring in the Spring season!

Watercress is a definite sign of Spring, and an incredibly tasty and healthy one. Watercress often grows in water, found in clean streams and near springs. It is an amazing source of phytonutrients and antioxidants, and contains vast amounts of Vitamin K alongside Vitamins A and C. Eating watercress daily has been shown to reduce DNA damage to blood cells, and recent studies have demonstrated that watercress may contain anticancer properties, especially in the case …

10 Made in LA, Hot, Fresh and Eco-Friendly Fashion Labels

the reformation

L.A. is full of sexy, sleek and fresh eco friendly fashion – check out our top 10 labels from the City of Angels!

Understanding Fair Trade Certification for Fashion

people tree fair trade

What exactly does Fair Trade fashion mean?

Fair Trade is a term that is often loftily thrown around, just like its compatriots “sustainable”, “eco” and “green”, causing several of us to have no concrete understanding of what the term entails. When it comes to Fair Trade fashion, we may have a fragmented understanding of the fair wages and working conditions that the certified garments were made in – but how is the certification acquired and what does it mean in reality? We’ve investigated to find out, so read on!

There are …