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Lindsay Lohan: That Happened


ColumnWhy we really care whether or not Lindsay Lohan is sober.

It’s easy to say we care about Lindsay Lohan and her sobriety because we hate to see the cutie from “The Parent Trap” movie remake struggling. We say we care because she was so loveable in “Mean Girls.” A few of us may even admit to being drawn to the train wreck that appears to be her life.

Watching the Oprah reality show “Lindsay“(sorry, but it’s a reality show; respect to Lady O and its award-winning director for trying …

Equality and Your Paycheck: That (Hasn’t) Happened


ColumnTo celebrate Equal Pay Day, President Obama is making some big moves for equality, but this problem runs deep.

Hey ladies, guess what? Ten years ago, we used to make a measly .77 cents for every dollar a man made. Today, we make .77 cents. That’s not a typo.

The pay equality gap hasn’t changed since 2004, the year Facebook launched and the big news was Janet Jackson’s nip slip. (Justin Timberlake was there too but Miss Jackson took the fall. Oh JT, that rascal.)

Today is …

The Representation Test — Where ‘XX’ Is a Good Score: That Happened


ColumnThe Representation Test is a new measure of how well a movie depicts women. I really want the stars to be replaced by Gloria Steinem heads.

It seems like every year following the Oscars, we get to talking about depictions of women on TV and in movies.

And, despite Cate Blanchett’s genuinely heartfelt Oscar acceptance speech for a movie directed by one of the more—ummm—controversial “female appreciators” of our time, Woody Allen, it’s been iffy lately.


Trigger Warning: That Happened


ColumnDid a My Little Pony backpack trigger a bully? Did a trigger warning do anything to protect a victim of assault?

A trigger warning usually comes in the form of a parenthetical in a headline or before the meat of a post, and will say something like: Trigger warning, this story mentions—or goes into graphic detail about—rape, abuse, eating disorders, etc.

When I first noticed that popping up I thought, “Oh sure, good on you for responsible journalism.” Then, as I started seeing it in more and more places, I …

Target’s Thigh Gap Fail: That Happened


ColumnOh the thigh gap. Controversial. #Thinspirational. A stop on the way to bikini bridge on the body dysmorphia journey. But, in many cases, the thigh gap is total bullshit.

Juniors browsing for swimwear on Target’s website this week were treated to models whose private regions had been (very poorly) Photoshopped in an effort to create that coveted gap between women’s legs. The gap that proves: I’m super thin.

Two words: LEGO crotch! The designer gave these girls LEGO crotch. We are way past a thigh gap here, people.

More alarming than the  lack of quality control

Life Lessons — Things I Know at 37: That Happened


ColumnLife lessons at [insert decade here] articles geared toward women are super popular. Here’s one more.

I turned 37 a few weeks ago and a number of my people are about to cross from the 30s to the 40s, including my husband.

So I read other people’s life lessons. I think, do I know that? Will I find that out later? Do I agree with that? Did I know that sooner than the person writing this—meaning, did I win? Just kidding about that last one.


Legalizing Hate in Arizona: That Happened


ColumnIn Arizona, a bunch of lawmakers agreed that a “No Gays Allowed” sign would be totally cool.

You guys, breaking news: Legislators in Arizona have worked out time travel! They have dubbed their new machine: SB 1062. There are a few kinks to be worked out. First, it only goes back in time. Second, it lands just before civil rights existed.

Earlier this week, legislators in Arizona passed SB 1062, a bill that would allow business owners to refuse

Eco-Friendly Yoga Retreat Leads to a Quest for Bliss: That Happened


ColumnAfter a week on an eco-friendly yoga retreat, I have no interest in making myself angry so I’m taking a break from sticking it to the man.

Those of you who live in the world know that this winter has sucked ass. In addition to the war on women, thousands of dogs being killed in Sochi, attacks on our right to choose and other insults, it’s …