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What Is Date Rape? That Happened


ColumnWhat is date rape? It’s rape. If only that was all that needed to be said.

I really feel like the question, “what is date rape?” was answered very effectively in a number of after school specials and very special episodes of TV shows back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. But it’s a question that seems to keep befuddling some people.

The most recently confused person to kick some rape knowledge our way is Richard Dawkins with this tweet: “Date rape is bad. Stranger rape at knifepoint is worse. If you think that’s …

‘The Fosters’ Takes on Late-Term Abortion: That Happened


ColumnABC Family’s “The Fosters” tackles late-term abortion—and gets it right.

A recent episode of “The Fosters” featuring a character getting a late-term abortion has me rethinking my regular viewing habits—unless “Stick It”,  the classic Missy Peregrym/Jeff Bridges movie about a non-conformist gymnast is on, you’ll rarely find me watching ABC Family.

In case you’re not up to date with ABC Family’s show, “The Fosters“, here’s a little background. First: J-Lo is the producer. Second: The central characters are an interracial lesbian …

Women Against Feminism: That Happened


ColumnWomen Against Feminism is proof that feminism has a branding problem.

Back in the ‘60s, it was often assumed that if you identified as a feminist, you hated men, loved armpit hair and liked to sleep with the ladies. Fast forward to 2014 and the stereotypes are largely the same.

Briefly, Riot Grrrls made feminism cool in the ‘90s, and there’s now a new wave of toys for girls that are clearly inspired by the radical idea that girls aren’t born hating math and science. But, for the most part, those things haven’t done anything …

Ceramic Jewelry Inspired by Nature and Travel


 Zoe Comings’ ceramic jewelry line is inspired by the artist’s reflection on place and nature.

What you might notice first about Austin, Texas-based designer Zoe Comings’ jewelry is that it’s made of ceramic, an atypical medium for jewelry. We’re used to seeing ceramic tiles and housewares, but it’s rare to see it used to create wearable art.

“I started studying jewelry-making years ago, and I was studying clay as well. I used to work in each medium separately. I did tile work and housewares and had really separated these things in my mind creatively. At some point, …

Carleigh’s Ass Rules: That Happened


ColumnWhat’s the best way to fight back against body-shaming bullies? Put your ass into it!

The fastest way to make a girl feel bad is to make fun of her body.

Forty-seven percent of girls in 5th-12th grade say they want to lose weight because of magazine pictures, according to The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Related Disorders.

You can veto women’s magazines from your home, but short of forcing your daughter to live under a rock, it’s impossible …

#LikeAGirl, Vibrators and Verizon


A slew of new viral ads celebrate girls and get creative about sending important messages.

Call it the tampon that launched a thousand ads, but it seems like since HelloFlo’s period party took over the internet in June, more and more ads that are genuinely worth watching have gone viral.


We’ve all heard the taunt, “You throw like a girl,” and we all understand it to mean we’re bad at throwing things. Always (are periods having a moment?) recently released this ad along with the …

Hobby Lobby Is a Person, but You? Not So Much: That Happened


ColumnThe Supreme Court decides that Hobby Lobby is a person with values that matter. Women? Meh.

This week, the Supreme Court took a big step toward preventing women from easily accessing and paying for birth control.

In case you missed it, here’s what happened: Hobby Lobby and its cronies argued that having to cover the cost of specific forms of contraception, like the morning after pill, as part of its employee health insurance was the same as paying for abortion, which goes against the owners’ Christian beliefs.

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled …

Robin Thicke Keeps it Creepy: That Happened


ColumnRobin Thicke’s new video is the stalker jam we’ve all been waiting for.

Everyone’s favorite creepy uncle Robin Thicke, who brought us “Blurred Lines,” the rape hit of summer 2013, is back with a new video.

It’s disturbing in a whole new way.

In February, Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton separated. While it’s hard to pinpoint why, and I’m no marriage counselor, this photo of his hand nestled between a young woman’s ass cheeks might be a clue.

Thicke just released his the first video, “Get Her …