Rosie Spinks

Rosie Spinks is a freelance journalist from California with a degree in Environmental Studies. Her work has been published in publications including Sierra magazine, GOOD magazine, the Ecologist, and the Guardian Environment Network. A passion for travel, running barefoot outdoors, and reconnecting people to what is good dominates most of her thoughts. You can follow her writing on Twitter and Tumblr.

Articles by Rosie Spinks:

20 Ways to ‘Talk Back’ to Street Harassment


Reclaim the street from street harassers

Do you ever have those days where you think you might just explode if you have to endure one more wolf whistle, cat call, or “hey baby?” Do you feel your face fuming but instead just walk on by, head phones in ears, pretending you don’t hear?

While that is certainly the most common and least confrontational response, it doesn’t do anything to reverse the culture of impunity that allows street harassers to do what they do without even a hint of shame. The …

Boobs Aren’t News: UK Campaign Takes on Rupert Murdoch’s Page 3


Lucy Anne Holmes says ‘no more’ to objectification as editorial policy

An outsider can learn a great deal about British culture by examining the readership of its leading newspapers. Unlike the US, which has few national papers, the UK has a bevy: there’s The Guardian’s progressive coverage, The Times which sits right of centre, and the traditional and conservative Telegraph, to name just a few.

However, when it comes to the UK’s most widely read paper, Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun, the most distinguishing feature has less to do with politics and more to do …

Rudá Rings Stand Out at LFW’s Estethica Exhibition

Rudá divulgação anéis

London Fashion Week’s Estethica Exhibition, now in its 14th consecutive season, is the British Fashion Council’s showcase of the industry’s leading sustainable style-makers.

At the launch of the Fall/Winter 2013 exhibition at London’s Somerset house over the weekend, a number of sustainable designers who have previously graced the posts of EcoSalon were present, including Mich Dulce and Pachacuti. But it was the newcomer Rudá Rings–the work of Brazilian designer Janice Perez–that caught our attention with creations that are equal parts organic and outrageous.

Perez’s designs …

Ethical Fashion Forum’s SOURCE Brand Preview

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 14.24.56

Image courtesy of EFF.

As EcoSalon has reminded readers time and time again since our beginnings five years ago, the days when sustainable fashion was considered a fringe endeavor are long since over.

The UK-based industry body Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) is perfect example of sustainable fashion, representing 6,000 members in more than 100 countries who are committed to creating beautiful and sustainable designs as a rule, not an exception.

Last week EFF hosted the third installment of the SOURCE Brand Preview, an online social …

‘Out of Print’ Digital Design Fuses Technology with Tangibility


In the mid 1400s Johannes Gutenberg invented the first printing press, a technology which allowed information to spread far more rapidly thanks to what is now a simple concept: movable type.

Nearly 550 years later, the advent of the internet had much the same effect, but you’ll have a hard time getting people to agree over which invention had a greater impact.

Graphic designers James Cuddy and Roma Levin along with digital maker Danilo Di Cuia comprise a London-based design collective that is tackling that question head-on. Their ongoing project, Out of Print, …

Slimming Our Social Media Appetite

The Facebook Diet

Step away from the screen—at least for a while

When British author and artist Gemini Adams was living in Los Angeles several years ago, she was at an uncertain transitioning point in her life. Feeling unsettled, she found herself turning more and more to social media outlets such as Facebook to quell her pangs of loneliness.

“I had a scenario where four of my close friends in LA had moved away and I was feeling vulnerable and bereft,” Adams said. “There was a gap between the life I had …

Pachacuti Hats Set New Ethical Bar

The ever elusive fashion industry gets an ethical checkpoint.

Information about what goes into our food is becoming increasingly transparent—with nutrition labels can find out what’s in it, how much, where it was made, and in some cases, under what conditions. When it comes to fashion though, the commodity chain still largely remains in a state of elusiveness.

Twenty years ago, when designer Carry Somers founded Pachacuti—a hat brand that specializes in panama and felt hats made in Ecuador—there was no question that she would base her brand on a framework of transparency and equitable practices, even though it was far from en vogue at the time.

Sex By Numbers: Mind Your Manners

A weekly look at sex and culture, by the numbers. 

Manners are important—in life, in the bedroom, and in the boardroom. This week’s Sex By Numbers highlights some lapses in etiquette, including one we never thought we’d have to correct: answering the phone during sex.

A few weeks: Now that the much talked about pregnancy of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is over, everyone can commence criticizing the length of her relatively short maternity leave before she returns to work. We say: it may not work for everyone, but let mom make her own decision.