Rowena Ritchie
Senior Editor, West Coast Fashion

Rowena is EcoSalon’s West Coast Fashion Editor and currently resides in San Francisco, CA.

Articles by Rowena Ritchie:

4 Fall Looks Inspired by 4 Fashion Icons


If the key to personal style is knowing yourself, identifying with someone whose style you admire is a great way to figure out whether something is “you.” Even Princess Grace’s off-duty dog-walking style (above) captured in 1969 shows why she’ll always be one of the world’s fashion icons worth emulating.

Of course, style inspiration can – and should be – found anywhere and everywhere. Art, books, the colors of a sunset, even the innocence of a little girl’s hand-assembled school outfit that caught my eye recently is fodder for sartorial creativity. Her back-to school denim blue dress paired with red-wo0llen tights sparked an idea to revisit the fresh combination of color and textures as soon as the weather gets cooler. 

Best Luxury Consignment Sites Online: Budget Fabulousness


Image: Vaunte 

Fall’s here and search for the perfect party dress (and work ensembles) begins. Online luxury consignment websites are easier to use than ever and mean clothes that are budget-friendly, lower-impact, and best of all, help you avoid the trudge through the mall.

There’s no denying it, we’ve transitioned from sunny summer to the darkening days of fall. If you looked at your calendar recently, you know that holiday parties and the need for glamorous looks are on their way. When it comes to finding the perfect dress for the party or blazer for work, there’s a lot to consider for those conscious consumers with an eye on getting the most out of our clothes. 

Natural Dyes Master Class with Sasha Duerr: 5 Summer Flowers That Make Beautiful Natural Dyes


“Tug on one part of nature and you find the whole world connected.” John Burroughs

The Permacouture Institute’s natural dyes expert Sasha Duerr picks her top pigment-producing summer flowers, and inspires us to look to nature to soothe and elevate our mood as the summer season ends.

September signals a month of change. As summer winds down, warm nights turn chilly and children return to school. All this multi-tasking means we need to make time for reflection and contemplation more than ever.

Sasha Duerr, founder of the Permacouture Institute and author of the Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes, takes the opportunity to connect with the here and now by collecting summer’s last blooms to make natural dyes, a sensory experience she describes as helping “to see beyond what is actually there.” 

Robot Made Eco Fashion: Natalia Allen’s Capsule Collection for the Future


Industry innovator Natalia Allen takes a minimalist approach to designing her eponymous line, which is robot made, sustainable and completely original.

For every busy woman wrestling with the paradox of an overstuffed closet and yet still “nothing to wear,” a capsule wardrobe of essential items that fit and flatter is the style equivalent of Shangri-La.

As the founder of Design Futurist, a design consultancy that has created innovative and sustainable textiles and clothing lines for brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan, designer Natalia Allen’s ultimate quest was to find design solutions to environmental challenges. Defined by her core philosophies of modernity, luxury, sustainability and function, her latest venture, an eponymous capsule collection, tackles this most elusive of conundrums: How does one narrow down a closet to create a dream wardrobe?

Street Style Origins Found: French Impressionists Connected Art and Fashion


Is this the world’s first example of street style?  A new exhibit at Chicago’s Art Institute takes a look at the painters of late 19th-century Paris responsible for capturing the beginnings of the fashion industry as we know it today. 

“The latest fashion . . . is absolutely necessary for a painting. It’s what matters most.” —Édouard Manet, 1881.

Black History Through Fashion: Exhibit at Chicago History Museum Celebrates African-American Style


Black history is celebrated at a Chicago fashion exhibit that celebrates the Ebony Fashion Fair, which for fifty years brought the world’s most exclusive fashions to black audiences nationwide, changing how African Americans viewed themselves in the process.

Fashion lovers visiting Chicago this summer are in for a treat. In addition to the city’s hit Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity show at the Art Institute of Chicago, they won’t want to miss the  Inspiring Beauty: 50 years of Ebony Fashion Fair exhibit a few train stops away at the Chicago History Museum. Featuring more than 60 garments by more than 50 designers, the curators show how one woman’s couture collection changed both fashion and how black America viewed itself.

Sustainable Design Education: FIT’s Connecting The Dots Symposium and Insights from Giusy Bettoni


C.L.A.S.S. founder Giusy Bettoni is educating the next generation of sustainable designers and entrepreneurs this week in NYC with a packed program that includes workshops on the latest in sustainable fabrics and natural dyes, to an eco-scavenger hunt through New York City’s garment district.

Fashion Institute of Technology is hosting Connecting the Dots, a forward-thinking three-day symposium for business owners, industry workers and students to learn about the positive impacts of taking a more sustainable design approach to the fashion, beauty, and …

Yoga Community Supports World’s First Yoga Exhibit at the Smithsonian


Today, yoga is a rapidly evolving and varied discipline practiced by more than 20 million Americans and coming this fall, the yoga community will welcome a deeper examination of this ancient art during a groundbreaking exhibit.

The Smithsonian has recently announced that the world’s first exhibition devoted to the art of yoga will be set to go on display October 19th through Jan 26th 2014 at the museums’ Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.  “Yoga: The Art of Transformation” showcase’s a vast collection of temple sculptures, devotional icons, illustrated manuscripts, court paintings, …