Turn Your Backyard into a Mini-Food Farm


Remember the saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”? Ain’t exactly true, especially if you get on board and participate in the National Garden Commission’s One Million Gardens campaign. They’ve teamed up with Edible Gardens to  give away a free assortment of heirloom seeds in celebration of National Gardening Month this April. (And now that you know growing vegetables is easy, you’re out of excuses.)

A handful of these seeds and you could turn your backyard into a mini-food farm, even growing enough to feed the family and invite the neighbors over for lunch. It will take a little time and effort, but the results will be worth it.

All you have to do is register at onemilliongardens.com and they will send you a seed packet containing  4-6 varieties of  heirloom veggies to plant. The site also provides a 52-week online course on backyard gardening, with videos, tips, a social network, free gardening supplies and updates on related events.

The aim of the One Million Gardens campaign is to have a million urban courtyards and backyards growing food gardens by 2012.

Why not help them achieve it?

P.S. Bring out that green thumb with the complete guide to composting and tips for healthy soil.

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3 thoughts on “Turn Your Backyard into a Mini-Food Farm

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  2. If every Southern facing lawn in America was planted to potatoes, and fertilized and cared for as much as the grass would be, in the fall, we could harvest the potatoes, ferment them to Vodka and run our SUV’s on it for the year, and have enough left over for a Hell of a party to boot! To Hell with Afghanistan! Who needs a pipeline to Turkmenistan? Us? Why should we do this for Halliburton(Saudi Arabia) anyway? What have they done for us? Do we get cheaper oil from Iraq? Hell no! it goes to China and the world markets at market price! and they never lost a single soul there, Goddammit! No wonder Iran Shiites its pants now! Why do we do this to them? We can do for ourselves, and at home America! grow potatoes, switch to bio-diesel, downsize your expectations, and get modest before the next “Cyclical Depression”. Its going to be a bigger, deeper one for sure! Plant food gardens everywhere, demand road medians not be sprayed, and plant food there with unemployed folks helping! We are in for real trouble if we don’t! China turned Obama down for his Trillions of dollars in loans, goddammit! First: We needed them, why else would he ask? Second: He didn’t get them! Who suffers? Plant food, not flowers, and pressure-can everything you get your hands on, dry all possible, and bottle in glass for safety, Freeze little, as that requires power, and batten down the hatches, the next round of depression will be serious for America!

  3. Thanks for the write-up – people are waking up to how important it is to have a source of healthy, secure food. Love ecosalon. Excellent work!


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