Ban Shark Finning Worldwide: You Can Help Fin Free Make it Happen

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We’ve got all the tools to stop shark finning, according to Fin Free founder Rob Stewart, now all we have to do is get it done.

We know the task and we have a network of millions of people who believe in a worldwide ban, now it’s time to hit the ground running. And with a decimated shark population as a result of grotesquely wasteful shark fin soup, we’d better get to work.

“100 Million sharks are killed each year, mostly to fuel the demand for shark fin soup, decimating shark populations by 90%”, says Rob Stewart – Fin Free founder and director of the multiple award-winning 2006  feature documentary “Sharkwater.”

Fin Free is an open source conservation movement that educates and empowers the public on the horrifically destructive practice of shark finning. More than 70 Fin Free chapters have already emerged worldwide and many businesses are also united for a ban.

“All of my businesses are Fin Free – and I support the movement to make the world fin free,” said Sir Richard Branson. “With shark populations plummeting, banning the sale, trade and consumption of fins in communities around the world is one of the best ways to help stop the demand for fins and in turn, protect the world’s remaining sharks. I encourage other leaders and businesses to take similar actions towards saving sharks – an animal critical to the health of our oceans.”

Sharks were the first vertebrae on earth with jaws, 150 million years before the dinosaurs and in only a few years their population has plummeted  to dangerous levels.

Not only is shark finning inhumane and destructive, the world needs sharks to survive. They control the populations of all the marine species below them on the food chain and without them, fish populations would explode so much so that they could no longer support themselves in their environment. This would throw the entire framework of the world’s most important ecosystem out of balance–an ecosystem that we depend on for our very survival. Phytoplankton in the ocean accounts for the majority of the oxygen we breathe. It’s no small deal.

Start a Fin Free chapter in your area and let’s get a worldwide ban in place before it’s too late.

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