A Knack for Stripping

Meet Barb Blair. She is a goddess of sandpaper and paintbrushes, not to mention vivid color and stunning hardware. Oh, and she can rock a pair of cowboy boots. Jealous much? Me, too. Welcome to Knack Studio, where Barb strips away old paint and unremarkable features from found furniture and adds a brand new coat of charisma.

Here’s a delicious little sample from Knack Studio that will make you swoon. “Totally unpredictable. Perfectly imperfect. Completely Knack.” Ms. Blair’s sphere of perfection lies in “elevating found pieces of furniture from forgotten to unforgettable.

Barb is one of those rare personable professionals who is generous enough to share her genius with the world – she writes a column, Before and After Basics, for Design*Sponge. I am completely obsessed with and addicted to her infatuating and informative tips on how to turn a forgotten piece into an unforgettable beauty. It’s kind of a dream of mine to spend a week (or a month?) in her studio soaking up her brilliance. From stripping furniture to flirting with paint, tape, stencils, and wax – click over and admire Barb’s creativity (maybe even get inspired to get a little paint under your own fingernails).

If you are more of a shopper than a (furniture) stripper (no judgment), peruse the Knack shop and purchase yourself a wooden prize of color and whimsy (Aziel really wants to come live in my bedroom). Don’t miss the blog either.