Bay vs. Bag


San Francisco may be the least wasteful U.S. city, but like most other places in the U.S. it has problems with plastic bag pollution. Over one million plastic bags end up in the San Francisco Bay every year, threatening the health of the bay and the ocean.

Save the Bay, a regional organization that has worked to protect, restore, and celebrate San Francisco Bay for more than 50 years, says enough is enough. Wanting to highlight and resolve the growing plastic bag pollution problem in the bay, it has created The Bay vs. The Bag campaign.

The campaign kicked off last week with the release of this animated movie that envisions a world in which San Francisco Bay is no longer made of water but solely of plastic bags.

The The Bay vs. The Bag campaign is aimed at encouraging local governments to ban disposable bags (plastic and paper), or at least to charge a fee for their use. Charging a fee for plastic bags is a tactic that has been shown to effectively reduce plastic bag litter.

This latest campaign encourages locals to kick the bag habit, petition the governor and local council, and become a Save the Bay volunteer.

Image: David Paul Ohmer