Berlin’s Red-Light Scene Goes Green

red light.jpeg

In Germany, prostitution is legal and provides work for an estimated 400,000 people. But like many industries, it has been hit hard by the economic downturn.

In an effort to attract more business, one Berlin brothel is offering an ‘eco-discount’ to any client that arrives by bike or by public transport. Just show a bus ticket or bike padlock key, and the client receives a five euro discount.

It appears to be working.

According to brothel owner Thomas Goetz, the ‘discount’ has brought in up to five new customers daily. Goetz sees it as a win-win situation, for his business and also the environment. After all, encouraging people to use public transport or bicycle instead of drive, not only reduces carbon emissions but helps ease traffic congestion and frees up parking.

The “˜eco-discount’ is also a hit with local residents who are staunch supporters of the Green Party.

Image: Henrique Vicente