15 Fun Feng Shui Tips


I’m having trouble sleeping since I’m edged into a corner of the bed, smack next to a nightstand.

That’s why I’m getting ready to move my bedroom furnishings and eliminate some elements, as challenging as that might be. Feeling centered in our lives can effect everything, from sleeping well at night to being in the mood for sex and coping with daily stress. Since we are big masses of energy (I have a friend who is studying how to measure our energy in order to heal), it all comes down to how we are grooving with that Chi in our environments.

Here are some tips for good Feng shui energy throughout your living spaces.

1. The Blissful Bed


Make your landing pad approachable from both sides and balanced with two bedside tables. If you can’t, About tells us to balance that bed and avoid having it in a direct line with the door. Also opt for a healthy mattress, natural sheets of organic cotton or bamboo and a solid headboard to keep you sleeping pretty.

2. Color Power


Color is a huge factor in harmonious dwelling, so that you are balancing the yin and the yang (dark and light shades) and not getting too much of one. Relaxation at Home’s list tells us to use strong hues, such as black (depressive) and red (causes anxiety), sparingly. Brown is major source of yin energy and should be balanced with white walls. Just enough blue can help in decision making, green provided by plants and not paint creates movement, and adding a little orange and yellow into a room balances the energy. Violet has great calming effects, thus should not be used in an office (unless you want to be put to sleep). Gray is a winner, representing the sum of black and white and the yin and yang.

3. Keep Electronic Equipment Where It Belongs


In terms of getting more action, keep the home computer, TV and exercise equipment out of the bedroom and in those spaces you associate with work. The idiot box can promote anxiety since the news is often upsetting. And the computer needs to go to bed, just like you.

4. Earth Elements Keep us Grounded


Add elements such as wood, water, fire and metal to your decor because they are considered essential qualities of Feng shui. Use wood where you study and work, a water element where you rest, and fire elements (small touches of orange and red) to stimulate activity.

5. Light up your Life


Light clears bad luck and the right balance of natural and artificial light is important for circulation. The sages at ehow tell us to keep windows open to let in natural light, to place mirrors in strategic spots, use bulbs in corners of the room where natural light cannot reach, and light candles – especially in the bathroom. Use light blue and yellow shades to reflect light and avoid red.

6. Take a Breather with Good Air


Stale indoor air is bad for you, and other living things. Get rid of indoor pollutants such as carpet that emits gases, plastic/petroleum products and plywood, which emits VOCs. Meanwhile, invite in purifying plants (in all rooms but the bedroom), such as Boston Ferns, Rubber Plants, English Ivy and the Peace Lily.

7. Command Position for Furniture


Focus on the big picture, such as the placement of large furnishings like sofas and desks. Keep them in the command position, meaning facing the door and off to the side. People joining a meeting often gravitate to this area.

8. Minimize Clutter


We all know that visual noise can compete with energy and make us feel overwhelmed. Hence, the universal notion less is more. Use what you need, put it in various corners creating small conversation sections to allow the room to breathe, and dispense with the rest. Instead of excess, select wonderful textiles that revive you.

9. Learn Your Zones in the Floor Plan

Interior Floor

Did you know that your numerology kua number can guide you in creating Feng shui energy? While it is said not to be a fixed guide, following your zones for success in your living space can be beneficial. For example, if you are a number 6, you should achieve your fame and fortune in the west zone of your house. See more about feng shui zones.

10. Mirrors Open it Up

House mirror

That looking glass expands your rooms, so go for the biggest ones you can fit into your small spaces to make them seem larger and brighten the room. But keep them away from your bed, or you won’t sleep well.

11. Create a Focalpoint


This is useful in any decor for balance and allure, and especially in Feng shui-influenced design. Something substantial and uplifting that anchors your spaces will make a happy first impression, be it a framed work of art over a mantel, a large ceramic Buddha on an altar table or lovely lamp on a favorite bamboo table.

12. Chime In


In terms of healing elements, wind chimes provide a gentle natural sound that can make us feel soothed and relaxed, and this is why wind chimes made of clay, metal, wood or ceramic are considered a beneficial Feng shui element in the garden.

13. Keep the Bath Lucky


While few of us can relocate the bathrooms of our homes (northeast and west locations are considered undesirable), you can exorcise negative energy with simple steps: place a full length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door, maintain good plumbing, and if the commode is on an outside wall, you are advised to place a vase containing tall flowers, cattails or reeds on the back of it. The reaching-upward objects are said to direct positive energy away from escaping down the drain when the toilet is flushed.

14. Shade Your Sunlight


Since sunlight is Yin and dampness Yang, you don’t want too much of one in your living rooms. Too much sunlight is said to cause painful headaches and outbursts, and the light can fade furnishings, too, and make them appear tired. Use window shades to control the light, and hang a lead crystal ball from a window to filter strong sunlight into a rainbow of shades, reviving the Chi.

15. Ward Off the Drama


As soon as it rears its ugly head, shut it down. There is nothing like human drama to upset the Chi in your home or workspace. It makes our bodies tense and disrupts the flow in our rooms, as well. Try speaking softly when you are in your sacred home, resisting yelling to a family member or roomie when you need something and venting or ranting when you should be chilling. Sure, we all need to get it out, but not when we should be enjoying calm meals, savoring a good read and soaking and pampering our bodies.

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Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.