Best Organic, Eco & Vegan Lipsticks


Most of us put lipstick on in the morning, but it doesn’t remain on our lips. You’ll see it on your coffee cups, your napkins and your food.  Did you ever stop to wonder how much lipstick you might eat up in a lifetime?

We can eat four to six pounds of lipstick throughout our lives. If you buy standard lipstick, you’re basically chowing down on artificial dyes, lanolin, sodium lauryl sulfates, colors derived from petroleum and even carmine that comes from the shell of a female beetle. Everyone say it with me: ewww!

But not to worry! We can help you find a great lipstick that doesn’t contain lady beetle (or fossil fuels). Check out our look at some of the best organic, vegan and eco-friendly lipsticks on the market.

Organic Lipstick by Nvey Eco

This product promises to deliver both vibrant and natural color selections that are smooth and creamy to the lips. And you know what? It totally does! This is the best organic lipstick you can find – in fact, it is my new favorite lipstick. The colors are rich, and they stay on your lips. It is hydrating and silky. You know how people say lip balm is addictive? You may feel the same about this lipstick. It contains safflower oil, organic castor oil and vitamin E.

Lipstick by Josie Maran

When you try on this lipstick, you’ll be struck by one thought: wowzers, this lipstick is like water! Or silk! Or watery silk! It goes on light and hydrating and offers up a flattering color that hangs around. I highly recommend this product if you’re one who likes a moist lipstick – it really stands alone in its ability to hydrate. It is free of parabens and fragrance, and it is made from organic jojoba seed oil, coconut cream, soybean oil, olive oil and other goodies. It also comes in a tube made from recycled material.

Shea and Aloe Lipstick by Earth’s Beauty

This product goes on smooth and really offers up a pretty shade. The Summer Quartz gives your lips a subtle, natural, lasting shade of pink. It is made from shea butter, candellila wax and aloe vera extract. While I can’t find any evidence that it has organic ingredients, it contains no formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, synthetic colors or fragrances.

Sheer Organic Shimmers by Kiss My Face

If you want a subtle color, this is a good choice. But it has more of a lip balm vibe: it goes on light, smooth, and it has a nice, subtle minty scent and flavor. (This is the tastiest of the bunch, for sure!) It has a hydrating feel, but you will want to reapply an hour later. It demands almost constant reapplication to keep the color going. Sheer Organic Shimmers contains no parabens, SLS, phthalates, synthetic colors or flavors. Considered 91% organic, it is made with shea butter, sunflower oil and natural vitamin E.

Vegan Lipstick by Hemp Organics

This product offers up a rich, lasting color, but it probably works best as a lip stain. It goes on rather dry and has almost a powdery feeling to it. If you can stand it without gloss, it does work as a nice, matte base. It is certified organic and contains both hemp seed oil and organic beeswax. This vegan lipstick is free of petroleum, wheat and gluten.

Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.