Best Organic Face Cleansers: 5 Reasons to Green Your Suds


Someone famous once said, “A good organic facial cleanser can solve any problem.” (I can’t remember who said it, but that has Eleanor Roosevelt all over it, no?) But why is going organic in your cleanser important?

First, it can improve your skin tone, and this is essential for greenies who don’t like to wear too much makeup. It’s the first thing you’ll put on your face in the morning, so you’ll want it to be pure. Furthermore, organic ingredients have been known reduce free radical damage. Free radicals are pollution, sun, and all the rest of the bad stuff that ages your skin. And finally, if you go organic, you can also be sure your ingredients are purer, harvested with a lower eco-footprint, don’t contain harmful petroleum chemicals, and are cruelty-free. So check out our look at some of the best organic cleansers out there.

Rose Foaming Face Wash from John Masters Organics

Light, subtle, and simple, this face wash was fantastic. Out of all the cleansers I tried, this product best combined everything you want in a face wash. First, the scent was lovely. It had a subtle rose fragrance that didn’t overpower. Second, it passed the squeaky clean test. Meaning, it left my face feeling tight and clean. Third, it softened my skin. It is made from steam-distilled essential rose oil, and it is best for those with normal to dry skin. And finally, it is certified by the National Organic Program, meaning it is made from organic ingredients and contains no parabens, petro-chemicals, and artificial or synthetic materials.

Light Cleansing Lotion from Kimberly Sayer

This is another great cleanser, offering up a pleasant, lemony smell.  It also scored high on the fresh factor – it left my face feeling crisp and tight. Why am I speaking like faces should be treated as salads in the crisper? Because at minimum, most of us apply a moisturizer (with SPF!) after washing our faces, and most of us don’t want our face to feel like we’re excavating through layers of silt by the time we apply our makeup. This soy-based product is best for combination, oily and blemish-prone skin. And it is made with certified organic ingredients.

Linden Blossom Face Crème Cleanser from John Masters Organics

Again, John Masters Organics scores with another fantastic cleanser. With a light floral scent, it leaves you with the feeling you’ve just bathed your face in blossoms – and who hasn’t fantasized about some ancient Roman-style floral bath every morning? Okay, maybe it’s just me. This product is great for dry skin, as it is more moisturizing than the other cleansers. But it still leaves your face feeling fresh. Due to the higher moisturizing factor, this NOP-certified product is great for winter or for those with dry skin.

Organic Face Wash from Juice Beauty

This was a bit thicker than other cleansers, so a little goes a long way. It could leave your skin a little waxy if you use too much, so heed the warning. The scent was a bit medicinal, but it wasn’t overpowering or offensive. More important, it left my skin feeling hydrated, soft and moisturized. For all skin types, this product is 95% organic.

Creamy Face Cleanser from Kiss My Face

If you have dry skin – or live in the Arctic – this is a great cleanser for you.  It is very thick and felt a bit like washing with a moisturizer. I had to scrub to get it all off. (And then scrub an hour later when I discovered it caked around my ears.) But if you have dry skin, this could be a positive. The scent was a bit intense. It was supposed to be vanilla and tangerine, but it smelled more like vitamins to me. It contains natural and certified organic ingredients and no artificial colors or unnecessary chemicals.

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9 thoughts on “Best Organic Face Cleansers: 5 Reasons to Green Your Suds

  1. Would love to know what Certified Organic face cleaner you use!

  2. I personally LOVE the Delizioso Skincare face wash in green tea. Great stuff and very creamy. I also have tried the juice beauty one, but I like to try and switch and experiment, plus it didn’t do that well on my skin and caused me to break out.

  3. I have had a very good experience with the Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer.

    I had some stubborn dry spots on my cheek bones that looked and felt 95% better after the first week of using the Made from Earth stuff. The next day my face still felt smooth and clean and I have felt great improvements ever since.

    I love how it feels and the Rooibos Tea Scrub that comes with the Detox + Renew Kit is great. It smells and feels great, and they give you enough to last quite a while.

    I have much less blackheads on my nose than before, and that’s a huge accomplishment for me, having tried everything else to get rid of them.

    A very good value for the money.

    All in all I would (and have) recommend the Detox + Renew skincare set from Made from Earth to friends.

  4. I bought the Made from Earth Rosehip & Hibiscus face serum at my local Whole Foods supermarket and was skeptical about it becaue it didnt seem so expensive at $20 for a face cream. I read the back of the bottle and it claimed to smooth skin and clear without drying. I was looking for a “glowing, balanced complexion” and it was exactly what I got! I’ve been using it for two weeks and here’s what I think so far:
    Pros – Leaves skin feeling really clean and smooth, has a great pump dispenser. A little bit of the serum definitelt goes a long way. There is a great light scent, which I think comes from the hibiscus. It also helped a cystic pimple heal and it is actually fading dark spots and giving me an even compexion (In just two weeks!)
    Cons – Since the serum is so powerful, you dont really need to use it everyday. A moisturizer should be used daily. The serum can be used every other day. . .
    I have since decided to purchase on the website, because in the Whole Foods they are way more expensive…i think of the madefromearth website its only $14….well worth it…

  5. You guys have got to try this RAW and ORGANIC line called Livia Pure Skin Care. They also have an outstanding Green Tea cleanser and toner and moisturizer along with a white tea scrubby masque! check em out at I am totally addicted!

  6. I agree! Anything by John Masters is great. Thanks for the tips.

  7. You chose 5 Best Organic Face Cleansers. I am not here to “bash” them. I believe anything organic is somewhat better than the store brand cleansers, but I use a facial cleaner that is Certified organic and I love it as well. I think there is a sense of contentment when one uses an organic cleanser, or organic “anything” for that matter. Great article!

  8. Great review, Katherine. It’s nice to see more choices popping up these days.

  9. I think any organic/green product you can get your hands on is your best bet. It provides you with natural, environmentally safe products that won’t harm your system.


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