Winter Wants to Kick Your Butt (Here’s How to Prepare)


One minute you’re stretching out beachside reading the latest tome from Michael Pollan, the greenista’s dream man. The next you’re crouched under your comforter with only your nose sticking out because the temperature in your bedroom is unholy. (Thank you, crappy space heater.) Somewhere between awesome new knee-high boots and debating how far we want to go with the jeggings trend, winter has decided to make its presence known.

And what does this mean? For some of us, our skin makes like a snow machine in its dry, flakey shedding. For others, our mood plummets to a place so dark that not even kittens playing in a box can make us feel better. But there are some ways to fight back again Jack Frost and his minions of wintery hell.

(And yes, winter isn’t all that bad. There’s skiing and an excuse to make hot chocolate a daily occurrence. We give winter that.)


Make friends with steam.

Did I mention that our skin can act like it is molting at the first sign of cold air? One of the best ways you can keep your skin and sinuses hydrated this season is to invest in a humidifier. This contraption will keep the air moist around you, therefore helping your skin to stay hydrated. If you suffer from constant colds, it will also help keep your sinuses clear. Considering buying an Energy Star-rated humidifier to keep energy costs down.


Enjoy the seasonal produce and whole grains

Gloria Tsang, RD, suggests including in some high-quality carbohydrates during the winter months. (To which I say – where do I sign and how much cake?) Our lack of time in the sun depletes our serotonin levels, which can be restored by eating the right kind of carbs. According to Tsang via Healthcastle, “your cravings for carbohydrate-loaded comfort foods are your body’s cries for more serotonin.” But she cautions against eating the wrong carbs, instead suggesting whole grains and sweet potatoes, pumpkin and squash. She also advises indulging in some seasonal fruits like cranberries, pomegranates and citrus fruits.


Get oily.

And by oily, we mean essential oily. If there ever was a time to invest in a good moisturizer, it would be the season of dry skin. Recently, we checked out Skin & Bones, a unisex product designed for the entire body. This product intends to moisturize all parts of the body, including skin, hair, cuticles and nails. It contains a carousel of organic essential oils, including jojoba, frankincense, myrrh, ylang ylang, grapefruit, jasmine, lemon, rosewood, sandalwood, and cedarwood. (You can read about its birth here.)
And how does it work? Skin & Bones provides an awesome hydration which absorbs quickly into the skin. You are able to apply it and get on with your day without leaving an oil slick behind you. But be warned – because of its concentrated essential oils, it is highly scented and initially smells a bit like a mega-spa. However, it does fade into a nice, subtle scent. If you love perfume and better yet, supple skin, this product is a great choice. You can check it out here.


Here comes the sun – now go sit in it.

Making an effort to get some sun may be your best way to prepare for the limited light of winter. Your serotonin levels increase when you’re in sunlight. Get outside as much as possible, taking your exercise routine, coffee breaks, and meditation in the light. Go into the light, and you just may lighten your mood.

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Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.