WattzOn in Your Life?


Ready to face your energy reality?

Want to find out exactly how much energy you are using in support of your lifestyle? Head over to WattzOn. It’s a free online tool that will quantify and track your personal power consumption.

You can choose whether or not to sign up, but either way you can get a readout of your daily energy consumption. But if you sign up, you’ll also be able to save your data for later and compare with friends and other users around the world.


Here’s how it works. After arriving at WattzOn, you’ll be asked to fill in a series of boxes to build your energy profile. Starting with a default value of 6,126 Watts, your energy consumption value will go up and down depending upon the answers you provide. Mine, unfortunately, went up. But the great thing about this is it shows you very clearly what each of your actions and possessions cost in the way of energy consumption. Which, in the long run, will make it much easier to figure out what needs to go for the sake of energy reduction.

Remember, less energy consumption not only helps the environment, it also helps the wallet.