Guess Who's Ready for Bike to Work Day?


Oh, San Francisco. Your green-blogging Gavin, your peerless zest for recycling, your preponderance of Pria.

Pedal power is set to rule today in San Francisco when over 200,000 commuters are expected to trade in their four wheels for two during the annual Bike to Work Day. In fact, it’s starting to look like motorists might even be in the minority on some San Francisco streets.

Luckily, San Francisco is prepared for this. Preparations are in place for 250 energizing stations around the Bay area. These will provide cyclists with liquid refreshments, energy bars and a chance to catch their breath.

For information on routes, bridge crossings and bike parking, head to the official Bike to Work Day website. If you aren’t in the Bay Area, you can still bike to work today (and every day), of course.

– with additional reporting by Sara Ost

Image: dustinj